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From broadcast and speakers, to projectors and mounts, check out our AV solutions.

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Connectivity is paramount in any facility. We offer a full range of DAS and in-building wireless solutions.

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We offer the ideal copper and fiber cable solutions for your next project.

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Ensuring the security of your facility is mission critical. Check out our security solutions here.

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What we do.

Your developing business requires a partner who not only recognizes the changes in our market, but provides you an avenue to take advantage of these opportunities. You value solutions that factor in all of the unique needs of your business, from a fast and simple pricing process and solution design to coordinated project rollouts and flexible credit terms. We strive to push boundaries and constantly seek to provide a better solution to our customers. You can count on Accu-Tech to deliver unmatched customer service, every time.

With our 35+ branch locations, there's always an Accu-Tech representative nearby to help you with your next project. Find your closest Accu-Tech branch here.

Who we work with.

Our relationships are the best in the industry. We'll work with you, contractors and integrators, as well as our manufacturer partners to design the solutions your customers require, process your order efficiently and deliver it when and where you need it. Our relationships allow us to provide you with customized solutions, ideal for the unique needs of your customers. We bring solutions and opportunities, not more challenges. 

How we got here.

In November 1983, two men, Barry Heidt and Dan Delavie, met for lunch in Atlanta, GA. When lunch was over, the decision to create a new datacom distributor in Atlanta had been cast. In March 1984, Accu-Tech officially opened in a 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse on the northeast side of Atlanta. 

Our foundation is built upon maintaining the trust of our customers, vendors and employees. Accu-Tech and our manufacturer partners distribute and deliver the latest complete, integrated solutions available to the market. Partnering with Accu-Tech provides you with the peace-of-mind that the systems installed in your facility will be high-performance and reliable.

Why work with Accu-Tech?

We're dedicated to simplifying every aspect of your next project, from designing the ideal solution to material sourcing and custom financing options.

As more diverse technologies converge on the IP space, your customers expect a scalable solution that provides convenience, flexibility and seamless integration. We have the expertise and experience to turn this seemingly daunting task into an opportunity.

We offer solutions and services to help you meet the demands of an increasing project pipeline. One solution is the Accu-Tech Cloud, an online tool that allows your teams to work when and where they choose, accessing real-time inventory, pricing and a database of more than 5 million parts from anywhere they have a connection to the web.

From project planning to last minute additions, Accu-Tech's extensive nationwide inventory at our 35+ branches is available to meet your unique needs. Our readily available inventory ensures your projects are completed on time and under budget. 

As projects vary in complexity, staging, kitting, storage and delivery all become critical. Our operations teams are ready to meet any of your customers' needs or requirements.

An extra set of eyes on your BOM can make a world of difference. Our Project Services Team provides alternative product options and risk assessment services to help you avoid delays and unexpected fees. Partnering with Accu-Tech ensures your project is protected and monitored, every step of the way. 

Accu-Tech offers customer service oriented financial services with creative credit line options, along with an often less than 24-hour approval process. Each job brings its own set of challenges, so we offer flexible terms with customized financing, unique to every customer and tailored for every project.

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Power Management Solutions from Eaton

One of our manufacturer partners, Eaton, offers power management equipment, enclosures and more. Check out the MiniRaQ enclosure here

Our Manufacturer Partners

We work with the best in the business to bring you the complete and integrated solutions you require. Check out our linecard here.

Training and Events

Our manufacturer partners and our branches regularly offer interactive training opportunities and events. Come see what's happening now at Accu-Tech here.

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