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Now is a time of innovation like never before. New technologies are on the horizon, and with an Integrated Building, you can be ready to bring these technologies together to create great experiences for all who use your building. 


A trusted partner like Accu-Tech can help bring these unique technologies and disciplines together in a truly integrated experience. Contact us to schedule a consultation today. 

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Ensuring consistent coverage provides employees and visitors the ability to conduct business at any location throughout your facility, streamlining workflows and eliminating delays. 

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From sharing information to responding to an emergency, mass communication ensures your employees and visitors can see, hear and respond to your messaging. 

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From perimeter security and access control to monitored CCTV, an integrated security and surveillance system is an essential piece of your business, protecting your visitors and employees. 

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Combining these unique technologies into a unified solution is critical to leveraging current market shifts and creating a truly integrated solution to support your needs well into the future.

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As we continue to drive towards network convergence and greater importance is placed on systems integration, Accu-Tech helps you prepare for the future and choose the solutions right for your facility and your business. 


In today’s evolving world, wireless connectivity has become ever-more important… and is even considered the fourth utility. Ensuring consistent coverage throughout a building provides employees and visitors the ability to conduct business at any location throughout your facility, minimizing dead zones and improving communication. 

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Building design and integration possibilities change how we think about our facilities as we move forward. We’re challenged to incorporate emerging technologies to provide a great experience for all who will use our spaces... and efficiency is still key. 


A safe, secure and seamless visitor experience is critical. Integrated systems provide efficiencies throughout your business... from standardizing communications through digital signage options and way-finding opportunities to user-friendly and secure access control and perimeter security, an integrated facility ensures your systems work together to provide a safe, efficient and flawless guest experience.

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As we look to the future, it’s a good time to consider your facility’s surveillance and security systems. Integrated surveillance, perimeter security and access control systems provide a safe and protected visit for your staff and guests. Integration with mass notification, and digital signage help ensure utmost protection for staff and visitors.  


As protocols and requirements continue to change, Accu-Tech works with you to keep your facility up to new standards and codes, while keeping staff and visitor safety, security and biosecurity in mind.





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Partnering with Accu-Tech

Our industry is rapidly changing to meet evolving challenges, and familiar technologies are adapting to innovative purposes. More diverse technologies, including AV, security and wireless, continue to converge to the IP space, supporting many of these new functions.


Understanding how each of these unique technologies fits together to form a unified solution is critical to

leveraging these market shifts and creating integrated buildings to support your goals well into the future. A partner with the expertise and experience to navigate these changes can turn this seemingly daunting task into an opportunity.


On the Job Site: Accu-Tech helps reduce the total cost of installation by managing your project from beginning to end, including ordering, delivery tracking, unpacking material, securing products and removing/recycling waste.

Material Sourcing: Creative and innovative solutions require industry-leading materials that are ready when you are, no matter what obstacles the future may bring.

Logistics: As projects vary in complexity, staging, kitting, storage and delivery all become critical, and Accu-Tech is dedicated to helping you navigate the logistical challenges you face.

Dedication to Innovation: This is a time of unprecedented evolution, and Accu-Tech offers the solutions and services which will enable your business to continually adapt.

Consultation and Design: To help you create a truly integrated solution, Accu-Tech offers personalized consultations. Our dedicated salespeople will walk you through the changes coming down the line.


Forward-Thinking: We will prepare you for upcoming changes to standards and procedures, keeping in mind essential factors like timelines, safety and financial considerations.

What to expect from Accu-Tech.

Industry-Leading Solutions. 

We'll work with you to choose the integrated, future-proof solutions right for your business, providing the agility and

adaptability you require.

Exceptional Service. 

From project services and management to on-the-job-site logistics, your Accu-Tech representative will walk alongside you every step of the way from design to delivery. 

Delivered Locally. 

With 35 stocking locations nationwide, Accu-Tech is readily available to assist when and where you need us. 


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