Exacq START to be released Monday, May 16

Posted by Nick Ainsworth

May 13, 2011 3:51:00 PM

exacqVision START Video Management SoftwareExacq Technologies is the one-stop-(easy to use)shop for IP and Hybrid video management solutions. Pioneering broad, yet simplistic, solutions for the emerging need for open-architecture design in both hardware and software, Exacq hit the market April 2006 with the A-Series hybrid and IP-only Server hardware in conjunction with freely distributed PRO Level server software. In February 2010, exacqVision released their Enterprise Server option, an upgrade to PRO server software, which includes advanced mapping and integration with Microsoft Active Directory among other features.  Today they do it again!

Based in Indianapolis, Exacq Technologies was founded by a group of digital video pioneers who were integral in the creation of video capture boards and the industry’s first market-leading surveillance DVR. Now, the innovation continues with the release a new server software option called exacqVision START. START will be a cost-effective, even simpler approach to the smaller applications where high-resolution IP video remains critical. The addition of START to the more feature-rich PRO and Enterprise server software options, exacqVision has made the product even more viable for all system applications. START, PRO, and ENTERPRISE server software options are all cross-compatible and can be upgraded at any time.

exacqVision’s powerful and easy-to-use client software is freely available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh computers.  A single client can connect to a single server or an unlimited number of servers simultaneously, except when using START which is limited to viewing a single server at a time. Multiple clients can also be opened in a multi-monitor or video wall application.  An unlimited number of clients can connect to every exacqVision server. Accessing live and recorded video is easy and intuitive. Moreover, every server can be administrated and configured from the client connected via a network or the Internet. Many of the features available on the client software are available on the exacqVision web server client and via the exacq mobile app available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices (smart phones and tablets). All of these are freely available for use with the exacqVision VMS (Video Management Software).

Keeping harmony with three levels of software, exacqVision also offers three levels of server hardware, EL-Series, A Series, and Z Series. Exacq’s latest hardware release, the EL-series, is the perfect accompaniment to the release of START. The EL-series also addresses smaller IP and Hybrid hardware needs where cost is of major concern. The A Series is the workhorse suitable for the majority of applications whereas Z Series is designed for high performance and enterprise applications. Now it’s easy to marry the right software with the right hardware solving whatever application need may present itself.

exacqVision made it easy, and is making it easier with START. One company handling all your hardware and software needs for any CCTV application.

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