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Posted by Nick Ainsworth

Jun 2, 2011 2:29:00 PM

by Jason House, Regional Security Specialist Midwest, Accu-Tech Corporation

With the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, the security industry received a new tool for mobile security applications. iTunes now has over 500,000 apps available for the iPhone. A simple search of iTunes for CCTV brings up several hundred apps for mobile security.  With names like iCamViewer, iSpy Cameras, IP Camera Viewer, and Spy Cams Pro, these apps range in price from free to more than $99.99.  Independent developers create most of these apps, but many companies are now creating apps of their own to view live cameras, help with product installation, and as an application resource for selecting the right product.  These companies include Exacq Technologies, Vivotek, Speco, and Veracity.  With smart phones now the choice for both personal and business use, it is essential for the industry to be on the leading edge of this technology.  

Features from Exacq mobile apps:

exacq iphone mobile app

exacq Mobile 2 for iPhone and iPad – Free in iTunes
  • Connect to multiple servers simultaneously
  • View, Search, Playback
  • Trigger and alarm activation and assessment
  • View cameras from multiple servers on one screen
  • Intuitive search
  • View recorded video from any camera
  • Full Live and Preset controls on PTZ cameras
  • Pinch zoom on live and playback video
Exacq also has an iPad app that allows the same functionality as the iPhone, but offers a better viewing experience with the larger screen. The iPad would work well in numerous environments such as schools, corporate offices, or warehouses. For example, an iPad carrying high school principal can survey an incident in real-time while en route to the location, or on-site security personnel can freely monitor the campus while making routine rounds through their facility.

Features of Vivotek mobile apps:

Vivotek iViewerVivotek iViewer for iPhone and iPad - $9.99 in iTunes
  • Supports hundreds of live view camera connections from an unlimited number of server connections
  • Supports PTZ control
  • Supports single-channel playback initiated by search for a specific day/time
  • Allows capture of video frames using “Snapshot” command
Vivotek has a full line of IP dome, bullet, fixed, and PTZ cameras ranging from standard resolution up to HD.  This app allows you to connect to multiple cameras through the VAST or ST7501 Vivotek server software.

Features from Speco mobile apps:

Speco Viewer for iPhone and iPad - Free in iTunes
  • View live video from DVR4HD, RS series
  • View up to 16 cameras at one location
  • Monitor multiple locations from one app
  • Digital zoom on full screen
Speco Configurator for iPad - Free in iTunes – License key required from Speco
  • Setup the TL, TH, Wall Mount DVRs
  • DVR units configured before, during, or after setup whether unit is accessible by WiFi or the Internet (using iPad’s 3G)
  • Setting that can be modified include, System, Monitor, Camera, Record, Event
  • DVR settings can be saved and recalled for multiple DVR setup
The Speco Configurator is a great tool for installers.  It allows for ease of installation in setting up camera titles, brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue.  It is also a time saver for multiple DVR installations or for installers not familiar with setting up a Speco DVR.

Features from the Veracity mobile app:

The Veracity App for iPhone – Free in iTunes

  • Compatibility information for Veracity products with IP cameras
  • Location services to locate nearest reseller of Veracity products
  • Veracity product information
  • Contact information

The Veracity app is a good example of a company that is using the smart phone for product selection and information.  Don’t know if your ArecontVision camera will work with the Veracity Highwire product, simply input the type Arecont camera you are using, choose a Veracity product from the drop down list, and it will tell you if that particular product is compatible and what limitations it might have.  

Accu-Tech has also created an iPhone and iPad app.  These apps allow you to view manufacturer catalogs and specification sheets, access, register for seminars, and locate your nearest Accu-Tech branch location.  (Search for this free app - Accu-Tech for iPhone and iPad in iTunes)

With the advancements in cell phone and tablet technology, new faster 4G data networks, smaller components, and new thinner LED and OLED screens, we will continue to see a demand for mobile consumption of information.  The companies that embrace this shift and develop new and interesting ways to interact with the customer will be the leaders in this space.

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