Is Your Building Struggling with Cell Coverage? DAS can help.

When you are left without a signal, Accu-Tech has you covered--bringing you the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. DAS works to enable radio frequency coverage for any location in which providers have trouble delivering wireless, voice and data services; whether you are a stadium, hospital, hotel, convention center or casino.

What is DAS?

Cellular telephone users have come to expect their devices to work everywhere. With so much relying on being connected, today's users can't afford cellular dead zones. Two major factors leading to poor coverage are an expanding user base and the raw materials utilized in today's building construction. Combine these factors and your facilities' interior becomes a cellular dead zone. A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) alleviates both issues, providing reliable coverage throughout your building.

Why DAS?

As wireless devices become increasingly prevelant in everyday life, the ability to have vast service coverage is paramount. When more users access a network, DAS works to increase network capacity, allowing you to scale during periods of increased usage. The rise in the number of 'green' buildings is another reason DAS is so crucial. Low-E glass, often used in 'green' buildings, actually blocks cell signals from reaching its occupants. Lastly, implementing DAS into your network will enable a flawless cellular coverage transition when walking from outdoors into a building.

-Increase Productivity: Expand mobility inside facilities allow work to be done anytime, anywhere

-Enhance Patient Care: Hospitals benefit by providing reliable wireless coverage to healthcare professionals, allowing access to information anywhere, and enabling use of wireless devices when giving medical attention to their patients

-Differentiation: Sets your company apart by delivering complete cellular coverage to your customers, eliminating 'dead zones' and increasing customer satisfaction

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Corning MobileAccess

Oberon Wireless Enclosurers

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