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As we continue to drive towards network convergence and greater importance is placed on systems integration, Accu-Tech helps you prepare for your next normal and choose the solutions right for your facility and your business. Integration has become an essential piece of every business’s existence, and these solutions rely on the copper or fiber backbone you select for your facility.

From copper and fiber end-to-end solutions to cable management, cooling and airflow design, a trusted partner like Accu-Tech works with you to select the solutions you need for your facility. 

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Datacom Supports Integrated Buildings

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Fiber Infrastructure



Ensuring consistent coverage provides employees and visitors the ability to conduct business at any location throughout your facility, eliminating the need to gather in areas where the signal is most reliable.  



From communicating procedural guidelines to responding to an emergency, mass communication ensures your employees and visitors can see, hear and respond to your messaging.

Digital Signage integration can assist visitors in wayfinding, as well as health protocol procedure instruction, and even emergency communication.

As social distancing and traffic flow concerns are more prevalent, integrating your communications platforms can be key. 



From perimeter security and access control to monitored CCTV, an integrated security and surveillance system is an essential piece of your business, protecting your visitors and employees.

Touchless entry with Access Control, biometrics and surveillance integration with elevated body temperature scanners (EBT) help protect your facility, staff and guests. 



Combining and connecting the unique technologies serving your facility help you create a unique solution which will most efficiently support your staff and guests.

A connected, unified solution creates a streamlined interaction with your business, and allows you to support your needs as we navigate into the next normal.

Accu-Tech walks alongside you as you define your needs and create your integrated solution, which will support your needs for years to come. 

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