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Designing Safety for Everyone

Dependable Surveillance, Perimeter, & Access Control Systems.

Integrated Security systems are key to enabling clear communication, rapid response capabilities, and secure environments within your building or across your campus. Our dedicated Security experts know how to bring these technologies together to ensure complete safety and protection for everyone.


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Supports the Integrated Building

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1. Perimeter Security 6. Cloud Technology
2. Intrusion Security 7. IoT
3. Identity Management 8. Real Time Location Services (RTLS)
4. Surveillance - AI & Analytics 9. Life Safety
5. Access Control  


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Integrated Security Systems

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance Systems
Surveillance systems are crucial for business security and safeguard visitors and employees. Integrated with perimeter and access control systems, modern IP cameras offer features such as thermal and EBT detection to ensure safer facility access and egress.
Perimeter and Intrusion
Securing teams, guests, clients, and assets starts with robust Perimeter Security. Integrating perimeter intrusion detection with access and surveillance systems ensures controlled facility entry and exit, marking the first step in safeguarding employee health and wellness.
Access Control and Visitor Management
Our approach ensures a safe environment by managing entry/exit securely, controlling foot traffic, and monitoring facility access through modern technologies like EBT sensing and biometrics, streamlining security while reducing contact points.


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