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A reliable integrated security system provides a sense of security and peace of mind to all occupants of your facility. As we begin to navigate the next normal, it’s a good time to consider your facility’s surveillance and security systems. Integrated surveillance, perimeter security and access control systems provide a safe and protected visit for your staff and guests. Ensure your facility is safe when no one is there, and protect your assets 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A trusted partner like Accu-Tech can help bring these unique technologies and disciplines together in a truly integrated experience.

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Security in the Integrated Building

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Your surveillance system is an essential piece of your business and protects your visitors and employees. Integrating your surveillance system with perimeter detection and access control systems provide an added layer of protection. Today’s IP cameras also offer thermal and elevated body temperature (EBT) detection options. These cameras can pick up on an individual’s body temperature if it is elevated, even in a group, compared to the average temperature. While these cameras cannot diagnose patients, they can help screen a larger population to promote safe entry and exit to your facility.

Perimeter Security

When considering protecting your team, guests, clients and assets, Perimeter Security is crucial. Perimeter intrusion detection technologies integrate with your access control and surveillance systems to monitor and control entry and exit from your facility. When protecting the health and wellness of your employees is a must, protecting your perimeter is the first step in your new process and procedures.

Access Control

When creating a controlled, safe atmosphere to protect employees and visitors, maintaining secure entry/exit points is critical. Incorporating a plan to control foot traffic flow, monitor occupants and regulate entry to your facility is a foundational element to your security procedures. Access control has evolved beyond passcodes and keycards to include elevated body temperature (EBT) sensing and biometric solutions, such as facial recognition, to provide a high level of security while reducing potential touchpoints.

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