Education Solutions

Education Solutions

For Campuses of All Sizes

Accu-Tech offers a broad range of solutions that meet the unique needs of today’s education institutions. From K-12 to Higher Education, Accu-Tech has experience securinig and providing the necessary infrastructure for campuses of all sizes.

Growing educational enrollment rates are placing huge strain on data centers and telecommunications rooms to update infrastructure to keep pace with today’s demanding data needs. The transformation big data has played in our everyday lives places greater emphasis on networks to provide superior performance and reliability. A fiber solution for your data center allows you to future-proof your network and anticipate growing demands. By partnering with Accu-Tech, your academic institution can realize the impact that high-density, low-cost, scalable platforms have on your students’ environment.

Securing your campus, and your students safety are a top priority. From access control and mass notification systems to IP cameras and LED lighting, Accu-Tech's low voltage solutions can be deployed to prioritize safety and security, while also improving the student experience. `

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