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Your Total Solution Approach to Hospitality. 

Accu-Tech’s total solution approach to technology within the hospitality space will enable you to accommodate the latest in emerging technologies, manage the constantly increased bandwidth requirements, and adapt to the influx of intelligent devices powered by the network-- all while enhancing the customer and staff experience.

Accu-Tech understands the unique technology challenges that facilities face.  Our copper and fiber optic communications solutions provide for the reliable and scalable high-performance infrastructure required to handle the ever-increasing data requirements created by systems. Similarly, our Distributed Antenna Systems allow reliable wireless coverage for customers and staff in all areas of your facility and campus, and allow for the migration to 5G. 

IP Security Cameras, Access Control, Mass Notification, Shooter Detection, RFID Tracking: all these systems contribute to the safety and security of your customers and staff. Accu-Tech can help you integrate these discrete technologies into a single security platform, with the ability to adapt to the changing operational requirements of today, and physically grow as your facility undergoes renovation and expansion.

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Available Services

  • AV/Broadcast
    Digital Whiteboards, Amplifiers, Microphones, Servers, IP and Analog Intercom Systems, Digital Signage, AV Command and Control Systems, Speakers, Televisions & Mounts
  • Security/Life Safety
    Emergency/Mass Notification Systems, Access Control, IP Video/Cameras, Shooter Detection, Metal Detectors, IP Video Cameras, Blue Light Phones, Asset Tracking
  • Network Infrastructure
    Wi-Fi, Distributed Antenna System (DAS), In-Building Wireless, Cell Boosters, 5G, Power- UPS/PDUs, Small Cell Solutions


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