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Data Center: design, energy efficiency, and deployment

	Green Data Center Solutions

ADC offers numerous products and solutions that will not only optimize a data center’s performance, but also directly affect environmental issues. ADC has solutions that are produced with fewer raw materials and are designed to increase airflow and energy efficiency. 


Belden Green Data Center Solutions

With a keen eye on today’s data center challenges and the movement to build sustainable LEED certified facilities, Belden has leveraged their expertise to design data center solutions that are unique in their ability to provide optimal performance, density and manageability while simultaneously enhancing energy-efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and minimizing total cost of ownership.

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Build your high-performance enterprise and data center networks with Berk-Tek and Leviton - two of the most INNOVATIVE, RELIABLE AND SERVICE-ORIENTED names in the industry.

To learn more about Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies' end to end solutions, click here.


Corning Green Data Center Solutions

Data center electrical energy consumption is projected to significantly increase in the next five years. Solutions to mitigate energy requirements, to reduce CO2 emissions and to support environmental initiatives are being widely adopted. 10G optical connectivity supports the growing focus on a green data center philosophy. Optical cable with laser optimized 50 μm OM3 fiber provides bandwidth capabilities that support legacy and future-data-rate applications beyond 10G. Optical connectivity provides the reduction in power consumption (electronic and cooling) and optimized pathway space utilization necessary to support the movement to greener data centers.


Chatsworth Green Data Center Solutions

Recognizing the problems of increasing density requirements and energy consumption, Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) designed thermal management solutions using passive technologies to maximize airflow to cool equipment in the data center without the need for additional CRAC units, in-row air conditioners or risky liquid cooling solutions. CPI Passive Cooling™ Solutions, used with the TeraFrame™ Family of Cabinets, utilize this innovative technology and provide superior thermal management to reduce energy costs up to 40% and overall energy efficiency, maximize cooling unit efficiency and minimize environmental impact, making them the Simply Efficient™ choice.


Hubbell Green Data Center Solutions

Backed by Hubbell’s GreenWise sustainability initiative and superior support, Hubbell Sustainable Data Center Solutions bring innovation, technology, quality, and service to the data center.


General Cable Green Data Center

General Cable has introduced an industryleading solution, GenSPEED 10 MTP, that meets your need to stay “green” in the data center. GenSPEED 10 MTP utilizes revolutionary Mosaic Crossblock™ technology to shield the cable from noise coming from outside sources, referred to as alien crosstalk (PSANEXT) – without the need for grounding. This patented technology was carefully designed with metallic blocks separated by an insulating layer. Since there is no metal-to-metal contact, there is no path for current to flow longitudinally and thus no need for grounding. The end result – a 10 Gig cable that is small, can be bundled and groomed, and provides ultimate performance.


Leviton Green Data Center Solutions
Count on Leviton to ensure that your data center’s physical layer meets your requirements, from performance and security to aesthetics and, of course, energy efficiency. Company owned-and-operated plants manufacture the connectivity solutions that data centers require including end-to-end copper and fiber systems, power solutions, cable management, and more. Customize trunks, fiber enclosures, PDUs, and much more to your center’s requirements with our extensive, fast-turnaround make-to-order (MTO) program. 


Ortonics Green Data Solutions
Ortronics/Legrand offers many differentiating products that help data centers use less power for cooling by employing best practices in cabling and airflow management. Being aware of these techniques will help companies define goals for improvements in their energy efficiency as they begin to migrate to a more environmentally sustainable strategy. 


Panduit Green Data Center Solutions
PANDUIT high-density, flexible physical layer solutions maximize space utilization and optimize energy use. Research by PANDUIT Laboratories into thermal management includes advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to model optimal airflow patterns and above-floor temperature distributions throughout the data center. This data is then used to develop rack, cabinet, and cable management systems that efficiently route and organize critical IT infrastructure elements.


te connectivity
TE Connectivity customers use AMP NETCONNECT products to green up their facilities and green up their bottom lines. Today’s focus on green initiatives was yesterday’s focus on component-level compliance. TE Connectivity was an early adopter of numerous green initiatives, and today’s AMP NETCONNECT products comply with the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) initiatives.