Copper and fiber cabling

Copper and Fiber Cabling

With so much depending on the speed and bandwidth of a business' network, you must demand the best. Whether it's a data center expansion or a complete infrastructure overhaul, the quality of the cable used will determine how much data can quickly and dependably be transmitted.
Copper and fiber connectivity

Copper and Fiber Connectivity

Out of the endless number of cable, both copper and fiber, running throughout a building, connectivity products are responsible for bringing it all together. Whether its patch panels, copper patch cords, fiber jumpers, jacks, fiber connectors, adaptors, panels, splice enclosures, etc.—all of these products belong to the connectivity family.
End to end solutions

End to End Solutions

Bringing you complete solutions for your entire network, our end to end solutions address the challenges of today’s businesses. Browse our end to end solutions to find the tools you need to complete your projects faster.
Cabinets and raceway

Cabinets and Raceway

Quality racks and cabinets—support materials which store and protect your switches, routers, servers and other vital components of your network. Working to bring your structured cabling system together, their sturdy constructions keeps your equipment secure with a variety of shapes and sizes to meet each unique need.
Installation products

Installation Products

Complete “end-to-end” solutions require more than just cable and connectivity, but also a wide variety of support products. Accu-Tech supplies more local inventory with these items which work to complete your projects, both on-time and on-budget.
Security, sound, and video equipment

Security, Sound, and Video Equipment

More and more contactors are breaking into the security market as security products begin to migrate towards greater network reliance. Whether you’re looking for access control, IP video surveillance, CCTV/CATV or AV systems, Accu-Tech has a solution for you.