KeyScan Security

Keyscan is a leading manufacturer of premium access control systems that electronically regulate doors and elevators. Industry-renowned for product quality and customer support, Keyscan systems are built on a foundation of versatility, flexibility, and scalability.

Keyscan's team of professionals is dedicated to designing and building the best in access control systems that address today's real-world security challenges.

Whether your organization or business is a small regional enterprise or a multi-national corporation with locations around the globe, Keyscan has the right access control solution that gives you total control from one system.

         Keyscan USB Camera

USB Camera

Keyscan's new USB Camera (p/n USB-CAM) is ideal for photo identity systems. Fully compatible with Keyscan's Photo Identification (K-BADGE) and Visitor Management (K-VIS) modules, Keyscan's USB camera simplifies capturing portraits for photo badges, visitor badges, or card records.

 Tailgating Detection System


TDS - Tailgating Detection System

Require a higher level of security to combat tailgating? Keyscan's new TDS - Tailgating Detection System safeguards doors or entryways from tailgating. If the bank of IR sensors detects more than 1 one person passing through on a card read, the unit sounds an audible alarm and activates a relay output. The TDS - Tailgating Detection System is ideal where an additional layer of protection is needed in high security areas.

Keyscan Access Control

Access Control systems are about more than monitoring doors; they are an integral part of any security system and give users a convenient platform to manage their facilities. Traditional keys cannot track who or when people are accessing your building, and when keys go missing rekeying locks can be extremely expensive. Keyscan Access Control systems solve all of these problems and many more, including:

  • performing a facility or area lock down from any PC or Keyscan reader
  • bringing motion detectors, glass breaks, door contacts, panic buttons into Keyscan to track and assign alarm conditions from a single interface
  • calling up live video in the event of an alarm
  • arming or disarming an intrusion panel via the access control system
  • triggering a wide range of devices using Keyscan auxiliary relay outputs to trip such items as sirens or strobes all based on certain events/conditions
  • creating a map with active icons to annunciate system status, control doors, call up video, show employee photos as they pass through protected doors, and much more
  • run a myriad of custom reports when you need to know who accessed what area and when

Access Control - Retrofitting Systems

The world of access control has changed over the years. If you are an existing user of an access control product and are experiencing one or more of the following…

• I have found that it has become antiquated
• I am not pleased with my system's performance
• I am experiencing expansion limitations

Keyscan can help.

Retrofitting an existing system is often not as daunting a task as many originally anticipate. Keyscan is a non-proprietary system and in the majority of cases we can utilize the very same readers and credentials that are already installed at your facility. Furthermore, the existing wiring for your readers and electronic locking hardware can also be reused. 

The ability to re-use this existing infrastructure can dramatically reduce the costs associated with upgrading your current access control system.