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Contractor Focused Training Events

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Inspired by YOUR goals and challenges, Fluke developed Versiv’s Project Management system, ProjX. 

Did you know that Versiv’s Project Management system, ProjX, allows you to enter the testing details for a job once, and then stores them in a project file with a name the whole team can understand? It's True! 

ProjX can also support multiple testers on the same job by sharing test limits, cable types, and test results. These are some of the features that will help make your cable installation jobs faster, with fewer errors and get you paid sooner.

Want to learn how ProjX can make you more efficient? Register now for the ProjX webinar series.

Webinar: Delivering Test Reports that Satisfy Your Customer

Date: Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Time: 10:00am – 10:30am PT1:00pm – 1:30pm ET


Increase your cabling certification efficiency: Learn more about ProjX!

IQinVision - IQU Certified Partner Trainings

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Join IQinVision for a one-day intensive certification course on installation, operation and optimizing of the industry's most reliable and full-featured networks cameras.

The IQU training will provide in-depth & hands-on training on:

  • How to utilize and optimize all IQeye camera features
  • How to properly install IQeye cameras and accessories
  • How to overcome and optimize challenging lighting conditions
  • How to optimize WDR on IQeye cameras
  • Exacq Edge set-up and optimization
  • How to set up and utilize IQaccess


IQinVision Technology Roadshow - Chicago
July 18th, 2014
Chicago, IL - Courtyard Downtown Chicago Magnificent Mile
For more info & to register Click Here

IQU Certification Training - Nashville

August 7th, 2014
Nashville, TN - TBD
For more info & to register Click Here

IQinVision Technology Roadshow - Los Angeles
August 15th, 2014
Los Angeles, CA - Torrance Marriott South Bay
For more info & to register Click Here

IQU Certification Training - San Francisco
September 9th, 2014
San Francisco, CA - TBD
For more info & to register Click Here

IQU Certification Training - Chicago
October 9th, 2014
Chicago, IL - TBD
For more info & to register Click Here

IQinVision Technology Roadshow - Dallas
October 17th, 2014
Dallas, TX - TBD
For more info & to register Click Here

IQinVision Technology Roadshow - Miami
November 7th, 2014
Miami, FL - TBD
For more info & to register Click Here




Contractor Training & Accredited BICSI Training


Corning's See The Light Training Course

Corning Fiber Optic TrainingCorning is offering a FREE training seminar on Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) at several Accu-Tech branch locations. This interactive two-hour session will provide installers with a comprehensive overview of the latest hardware options. Corning's expert instructors will focus on the importance of design taking into consideration available space, environment, connector types, fiber capacity and fiber type. 
There are morning and afternoon opportunities to attend the course:


August 5, 2014- Phoenix AZ
Courtyard Phoenix Camelback
Register here for the all day session. 
Click here for more information on the session.    





Accu-Tech Security Training Seminar

    Accu-Tech will be hosting a technical security training seminar in Tampa, FL Tuesday, July 22nd at our Accu-Tech Tampa location. Join us for a series of product demos, how-to’s and informational classes in our morning session, or register for the afternoon BICSI accredited Introduction To IP Megapixel Camera training.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about some of the latest security manufacturer’s and security equipment in the industry.


July 22, 2014- Tampa, FL

Accu-Tech Tampa




Register here for the morning informational session.

Register here for the afternoon BICSI accredited training session.


Berk-Tek Recorded Webinars

Berk-Tek Webinar: 40G Infrastructure Secrets


June3BannerAd 470x214 v1
Who: Mike Connaughton, Manager, Data center Market 
What - 40G Infrastructure Secrets Webcast
The presentation will cover: 
·         Market trends leading to the need for 40G 
·         Impact of 40G on Data Center Architectures, including Top of Rack and End of Row run distances 
·         Infrastructure options to address needed speeds 
·         Cost implications of these options 
·         IEEE Power budget requirements for 40G 
·         Presentation of DCCC Link Loss research and modeling 
·         Launch of Link Loss Calculator 
·         Option for greatest flexibility & performance (GIGAlite-10XB) 
·         Option to maximize rack  &pathway space (MDP)  

Click here to view

Berk-Tek Webinar: The Need for Extreme Wireless Speed


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With wireless traffic doubling on an annual basis, BYOD becoming more accepted, and the acceleration in application growth and bandwidth consumption, the demand and benefits for faster wireless networking technology is quickly becoming realized.

The Berk-Tek Webinar: The Need for Extreme Wireless Speed will explain the applications driving the rapidly growing need for higher speed Wireless LANs and more. Plus, we’ll discuss all that you’ll need to do to prepare for the evolution of wireless LANs. Details to be discussed include:

  • Impact of the “Internet of Things” on Wireless LAN networks
  • New wireless applications in medicine, enterprise, education, and manufacturing
  • Wireless standards evolution
  • Deploying the wired network to manage the support of wireless using
    • Traditional topology and deployment
    • Direct Attach: AP versus typical cell deployment
    • Link Aggregation: Increasing capacity to manage the flood

 Now you can access the recorded event at any time. Click here to view. 


Berk-Tek Webinar: Achieving Maximum Performance for Voice, Data & Power in the Real World 

AccuTech banner PostMarch27Webcast

As more devices and applications join the IP world, dBs alone are no longer the best measure of network performance.

Network performance metrics must now use application-specific tests and measures to ensure that ALL the services being provided are well delivered.

The Berk-Tek Webinar: Achieving Maximum Performance for Voice, Data & Power in the Real World will explain what these measures are and why they are significant for your network. Details to be discussed include:

  • Impact of PoE on network performance
  • MOS as a VoIP performance metric
  • Frame Error Rate vs. Bit Error Rate testing
  • MLR as a Video performance metric

Watch the recorded webinar now.

Webinars-- Manufacturer Specific Training and Training Videos

corning see the light fiber optic training, corning, corning 95-000-50, 95-000-50

Training Course Page found here.

Corning Cable Systems comprehensive training program offers a challenging curriculum based on Corning's extensive product, engineering and installation experience.

Standard courses are scheduled throughout the year at our regional training facilities in Hickory, NC; Keller, TX; Irvine, CA; and Corning, NY; and at selected locations across the country. Customized classes and classes taught at customer locations are always available as well, with minimum attendees.

Click here for a complete training course listing. Corning Cable Systems installation classes are approved by both the Electronics Technician Association International (ETA®) and the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) for a Fiber Optic Installer (FOI) certification. Click here for more details.

Click here and join us for a Corning Optical Communications Wireless Seminar to discover the latest advancements in DAS technologies.


CommScope Training

CommScope Training: once registered, there are a number of quality training courses, but one in particular deserves special attention. Uniprise Solutions Overview Course is a 12 hour course that offers 12 BICSI Continuing Education Credits to RCDDs.


belden training

The Belden IBDN Training Center is an integral part of the structured cabling industry's landscape and has been for more than 15 years. Its online microsite includes a matrix of all courses, outlines, number of RCDD credits, and to register Online for "in class" or "online" courses. Belden has earned an international reputation for delivering the best structured cabling training available, a reputation based on the responses of more than 55,000 students. All Belden IBDN courses are offered to Certified System Vendors (CSVs) and Distributors. Some courses are open to consultants, end-users, telecom contractors, electricians and engineers. 

In addition to offering Product Bulletins on every new cable series introduced, Belden also offers technology and application-related information in the form of Technical Bulletins, Application Reports, Technical Reports, White Papers, and General Technical Documents that revolve around the various cable types they manufacture.


Panduit Training Resources

Panduit Training: there are 20 modules available, covering Cable Support Systems, Copper Cabling Installation, Fiber Routing Course, and much more. Each courses has a test at the end which measures your results. These courses are quick and informative while not overloading you with technical info.


 general cable training

General Cable Training: first register for the training modules. These modules are very basic, therefore very understandable, making them excellent for less experienced techs or new hires. They can also be helpful as refresher training for more experienced professionals


hubbel online training

Hubbell Training: Register here. There are 2 courses which are highly recommended: the course entitled "Hubbell Premise netSELECT Communication" is for home or small office solutions; also, the course entitled "Data Center Solutions" covers the subject material very well.


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Ortronics offers extensive training programs to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in the telecommunications industry. With both live instructor training and online self-help learning, Ortronics has a variety of courses that will provide you with the training that meets your specific needs. From earning BICSI continuing education credits, to product reviews and standards update available on-line, Ortronics will help make your job easier by providing learning opportunities to stay current and serve your customers effectively. Legrand | Ortronics Training Course Catalog Found Here.


Bluewave Security Systems Training



Company Overview Date options: 1/31, 2/14, 2/28, 3/14, 3/28 Join BlueWave Security for a brief 30 minute webinar to learn about our company, general overview of our access control products and software. Learn how to buy BlueWave, markets served and available technical and marketing resources.

Products & Software Date options: 1/31, 2/14, 2/19 3/14, 3/19 Ready to learn the “technical” about our products, software and how our access control system works? This webinar will cover product categories, features and applications. BlueView software options and topics on how to add doors, edit permissions, set time & attendance will be discussed.

Tech Forum Date options: 2/28, 3/28 Join an open technical webinar to answer questions related to products, software and more... Be sure to bring your questions!

LEED & Emerging Technologies Seminar Testimonials

"I was very surprised and impressed at the value of the information provided. I signed up mostly to get CEC's for my RCDD, but ended up with some interesting ideas on directions to take... and became aware of products I was not knowledgeable of before the session." - Detroit, MI. 

"The DAS seminar was enlightening! The need for these antenna systems is increasing with the pace of "online life" and mobile device connectivity. I can see it driving growth for several years." - Dallas, TX

"Exceeded my expectations - I came for marketing ideas with respect to reducing our carbon footprint in house and with customer sites. I learned what LEED is and I loved the General Cable 17 Free message and the Siemon Company Converge IT courses. I would love an in house training." - Boston, MA

"I had no idea that the IT world could contribute so much to making a building or project more sustainable."
- Seattle, WA