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Leviton's Intact Intelligent Port Management System: The Hardware

by Julie Clark on April 10, 2014

Leviton's intelligent patch cords and patch panels offer new and better tools to manage growing network infrastructure demands. The Intact Intelligent Port Management System offers a simple, straightforward way to manage network changes. Utilizing microchips, intelligent patch cords and panels and Intact software, the Intact solution provides real-time network documentation with alerts for faults or unplanned changes to ports. 

How Intact Works: 

intelligent intact leviton patch cord panels
intelligent intact leviton patch cord panels 
 intelligent intact leviton patch cord panels describe the image

A microchip is attached to the Intact Patch Cord plug, programmed with information unique to each cord.  

Intact Intelligent Panels monitor port status and communicate with the 
Intact Device Manager.


The Device Manager hosts the pre-installed Intact Software. Multiple Device Managers operate together seamlessly for larger systems.


Intact Software is 
accessed from the 
corporate network using web browsers, including those on tablets and 


The Hardware

The Intact Intelligent Port Management System software allows you to manage from a tablet, a laptop, a desktop or a smartphone, allowing optimal flexibility and ease for the user. The hardware is first and foremost, intelligent, simple to install and easy to update. Products include: 

  • The Intact Device Managerintact secure rj port blockers
  • The Intact Device Hub
  • The Intact Copper Panel Upgrade Kit
  • The Intact Fiber Enclosure Upgrade Kit
  • Intact Secure RJ Port Blockers
  • Intact Secure LC Port Blockers
  • Intact Secure RJ Copper Patch Cords
  • Intact Secure LC Fiber Patch Cords
Click here to view more products

Intact Panels & Enclosures

  • Intact Panels monitor port status by reading and interpreting the microchip on Intact Patch Cords
  • During work orders and when alarms occur, LED lights provide guidance above affected ports on panels
  • Intact Panels communicate with the Intact Device Manager and receive power over standard USB cabling
  • QuickPort® Copper Panels (1RU, 24-port) and Opt-X Ultra® Fiber Enclosures (1RU, 2RU) are “intelligent-ready” and can be upgraded on the rack to become an Intact intelligent device
  • QuickPort Copper Panels can be upgraded without removing connectors, preserving the integrity of permanent link testing
  • Port monitoring occurs independently from the copper/fiber data cabling, with no impact to system performance

Intact Patch Cords & Port Blockers

  • Intact Patch Cords include a programmable microchip with a unique identifier applied to one or both ends
  • The microchip includes information that allows Intact Software to identify patch cord cable type, color, length, and secure housing color
  • Intact Secure RJ (copper) and LC (fiber) Patch Cords include a patented locking mechanism that cannot be released without an extraction tool of the same color
  • Intact Port Blockers prevent unauthorized port access and enable ports to be reserved for future use


 leviton intact secure rj blockersTo learn more about Leviton's Intact Intelligent Port Management System, visit us online or contact us today. 


Topics: Leviton Access Points

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