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CommScope: Green Data Centers

by Nate Johnson on May 9, 2014

Information sharing today is a wonderful thing. In the age of technology and miniaturization, we're able to send updates and messages to people almost instantaneously no matter where in the world that they might be. This access to information and connectivity is following its natural order of things and expanding to just about every corner of the world. As technology continues to advance and we start to see the effects that humanities obsession with big data has though, it leaves many questions left unanswered.


go green and plugs


Data center managers from every business segment are looking for ways to reduce their overall cost and minimize their electrical usage. Data centers are increasingly having an effect on the worlds environment, estimated at 2% of the worlds global emissions according to a recent Greenpeace report. It should come as no surprise that the number of people connecting to the internet is increasing - in fact, the number of people online is expected to grow over 60% over the next five years and big data will be doubling or tripling in that same time frame. Time magazine recently did an in-depth piece detailing different digital behemoths and their standing on future energy efficiency as it pertains to cloud computing and the data center.


While the efforts some companies like Google and Twitter take to run their data centers off wind, solar or other clean renewable energies is definitely a step in the right direction, the commercial availability and practicality of such an approach has yet to be realized by the business world at large - and thus by most data centers and data center managers. Many regulating agencies such as GBCI or AIA have made a big push in the direction of going green in data center design, and many manufacturers of data center related products are now firmly in the position of sustainability and social responsibility as well.


For more information about how to design a data center around best practices and the effects that going green could have for your business, take a look at this data center design guide by CommScope, one of the industries leaders in green initiatives and solutions. As companies seek to advance the efficiencies and performance of their data centers, it will be essential to keep in mind such innovative and flexible green solutions, like those that CommScope offer, in order to prevent IT resources from becoming another major polluter in our world.


For more information about how CommScope's green solutions could benefit your data center, or about data center solutions in general, contact your local Accu-Tech sales representative today.

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