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ActiFi® Cable: Build the Foundation for a Smarter Technology Strategy

by Julie Clark on April 29, 2022

Corning's ActiFi cables offer the ultimate in flexibility by combining the future-ready bandwidth capabilities of single-mode optical fiber and the powering capabilities of copper. ActiFi cables integrate both fiber and copper conductors within the same cable jacket to deliver data and power to the very edge of your enterprise network. 

ActiFi composite cables offer several advantages: CAR299

  • Save Pathway Space
    • Copper networks require routine rip-and-replace upgrade cycles and single-purpose infrastructure leads to complexity and crowded pathways. Streamline your infrastructure onto a single cable allowing you to overcome space constraints.
  • Protect Your Technology Investment
    • Optimize your infrastructure investment with a future-ready composite cable that avoids costly routine rip-and-replace Category cable upgrades.
  • Speed Up Your Deployment
  • Stay ahead of Future Technology Needs
    • Increasing Wi-Fi demands are challenging building owners to design their networks with future-ready infrastructure, like ActiFi Composite Cable. Learn why the next generation of technologies will require optical fiber with this 3 minute read: Enabling a Wireless World.


Applications of ActiFi Composite Cables

ActiFi is a Class-3 rated composite cable that supports low voltage (Class 2, 57 VDC/100 V) as well as bulk power solutions. Because ActiFi can reach distances over 2,000 feet, this cabling choice is also ideal for long-reach or remote applications such as security cameras in a parking area or outdoor campus-wide Wi-Fi. ActiFi can support devices directly or via a connection to an edge device such as a media converter or software-defined access node (SDAN). ActiFi cable is compatible with Corning’s Intelligent Power Solutions, Long-Reach Solutions, Software-Defined LAN (SD-LAN) portfolio, Small Cell, and Distributed Antenna Solutions (DAS).

To learn more, contact your local Accu-Tech representative 


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