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Arteco: The Difference Between VEMS and VMS

by Paige Looney on March 20, 2015


Guest Blog Post by Steve Birkmeier, Arteco Vice President

We get asked all of the time what is the difference between Video Event Management Software (VEMS) and Video Management Software (VMS).   The answer to this question is really rooted in the question “What is the Purpose of Video Security?”  

If you think about it, every security camera that has ever been installed and every camera that will ever be installed, has a purpose.  That purpose is to capture something the owner of that camera cares about happening. The primary difference with a VEMS system verses a standard VMS system is the VEMS uses technology to treat video that is important to the customer differently than video that is not important to the customer.

arteco-nextIn security world, we call what is important to the customer the “Security Event.”  Once we can accurately detect an event we can send out different alerts when the event happens, record at different frame-rates, and organize the recordings in easily accessible clips of video.  

As an analogy, consider email that you receive.  Imagine using your business email program without any level of spam filtering.  You would be inundated with thousands of useless emails bombarding you every minute of the day and it would become very difficult to see that important email from a client about a new project or details about a new account.   With proper spam filtering, we dramatically reduce the number of spam so that they become the exception, not the rule, and we can manage them comfortably.   Using a VMS in the video security world of today is very much like using your email without any spam filter capability.  All video, no matter if nothing of importance is happening, is treated equally within the system.  There is no more importance placed on the hour of video of an empty room than there is for the 5 seconds that someone was actually in the room.  With VEMS, we are able to filter away all of this useless video and focus on what is important to the customer: THE SECURITY EVENT.

Click here for more information on Arteco's VEMS solutions or contact your local Accu-Tech representative today. 

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