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Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies: Data Center Space Savers

by Julie Clark on July 29, 2014

Is your data center filled with tangled cords? Are you struggling to organize the racks? Are you looking for an organized, high-density solution for your data center? Improving network capacity and utilizing space is more important than ever in data centers. Berk-Tek and Leviton Technologies offers a unique end-to-end fiber cabling system that reduces pathway fill and creates dramatically higher patching density in racks and cabinets. That means more space for expansion and future growth.


MDP Cable


Maximize density with cable constructions optimized for pre-terminated assemblies

Berk-Tek's Micro Data Center Plenum cables are designed specifically to enable high-density, backbone connectivity in existing or new data centers. These rugged cables are available in fiber counts from four to 288 optical fibers. When combined with MTP connectors, it provides the highest-density backbone connectivity available for data centers and SAN installations.

Berk-Tek offers the industry’s premier fiber optic cable line for the construction of
pre-terminated assemblies. Berk-Tek's complete line of indoor, outdoor and indoor/outdoor cable
constructions ensure you have the flexibility to select the proper cable for your application.
Partnering with Berk-Tek and Accu-Tech allows you to design the highest performing and most reliable solution with the lowest cost of ownership. 

Cabling options include the compact and rugged Micro Data Center Plenum (MDP) and High Density Distribution Cable (ACP) as well as Adventum® indoor/outdoor cable, ArmorTek™ interlocking armor, Premise Distribution and Ribbon cable constructions. All constructions feature laser-optimized 50 micron GIGAlite™, GIGAlite-10 and GIGAlite-10XB Enhanced Multimode, as well as the standard 62.5 micron multimode fibers and low water peak single-mode fibers.


Click here to learn more.




Opt-X HD Enclosure System

33% more fiber density in the same space with LC connectors

Berk-Tek_Leviton_Technologies-_Data_Center_Space_Savers_3Leviton Opt-X HD Ultra and 1000i enclosures offer up to 33% more density with LC connectors or 50% with MTP® connectors over typical fiber rack enclosures. The system features compact HDX cassettes and adapter plates that fit into high-density 1RU and 2RU Opt-X enclosures. Retrofit sliding trays are also available to upgrade your current Opt-X enclosures to accept the HDX cassettes and plates. 

Leviton’s popular Opt-X fiber enclosures, adapter plates, MTP® cassettes, and cable assemblies offer flexible connection and storage options for any project need. Now you can get all the classic Opt-X benefits and maximize port density within the same footprint with the Opt-X HD Enclosure System. This new system features of compact Opt-X Evolve cassettes and adapter plates that fit into high-density enclosures to create a scalable platform for enterprise and data center applications.


Click here to learn more.




To learn more, contact us today! 

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