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Surge Protection For Voice & Data

by Nate Johnson on December 23, 2013

shutterstock 159919400Surge protection is an important component of every datacenter and server cabinet. It is important to protect electrical devices and delicate circuitry from power surges and uneven power flows. What is sometimes overlooked though, is that these electrical surges can happen not only to power lines, but also across telecommunications and data lines - the LAN, T1 and other coaxial connections to your business or home.


In datacenters, the cost of the average filled server cabinet exceeds $150,000 so it is easy to see where power protection can quickly become affordable there. In our homes this is another story, as many people either assume that any old surge protector will do the job, or that their homes are up to the task of handling surges in the first place. Either could be a huge mistake and wind up shaving years or even decades off of our costly home electronics.


The speed of electricity through a wire can easily reach 60-80% the speed of light. At over 180,000 miles / second we find that electricity is able to travel one foot every nano-second. Traditional measures such as fuses (300,000 nano-second response time), carbon blocks (5,000-10,000 nano-second response time), or even gas-tubes (4,000-5,000 nano-second response time) do not have the agility to respond to electrical threats until after they are well past the supposed point of protection. ITW Linx's solid state protectors are among the fastest surge protection devices in the world, limiting a surge with only a 2-5 nano-second response time, eliminating electrical threats before they have even traveled 5 feet.


While it is certainly a great idea to protect your facilities with surge protectors, little thought is ever given to other electrical conducting lines such as telephone, DSL, T1, LAN and others. Electrical surges are likely to occur on these lines as well – and they are often still plugged straight into our electronics and systems without surge protection.


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Even in the home we may find applications for these devices. By protecting the currents that are wired into our products, we ensure a longevity of device, keeping delicate electrical circuits and stored data safe and reliable. By being connected to a continuous elliptical power supply or other electrical signal source, the reliability of our devices can be easily compromised.


If you would like to learn more about ITW Linx and their state of the art home and business surge protection technology, please contact your local Accu-Tech representative today.


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