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CommScope: Solving Your Data Center Fears One ipatch At A Time

by Lauren Dempsey on October 3, 2012

Do you have problems managing your ports and patch cords in your data center and fear the dreaded crash? Worry no more—CommScope has the solution to your problems and fears. CommScope’s ipatch solution delivers a fast, effective way to recover your switch board should it ever crash during a power outage. Instead of searching and relocating each patch cord, the ipatch solution only requires a transfer to a backup card, allowing you to pinpoint the problem areas. A CommScope customer recently experienced every data center’s greatest fear; luckily they had recently installed and implemented the ipatch solution. To find out how their story turned out, continue reading the original post below.  

Post originally appeared on the CommScope blog.

Recently, I was working with a customer to implement an intelligent infrastructure system in their data center. They were struggling to manage their ports and patch cords as several different groups were involved in implementing new services in the data center.

About a year ago, they installed our iPatch solution; however, they had not implemented the software. We completed the install last month and let’s just say that timing is everything. data center buildings

About a week ago, the data center suffered a major power outage. While backup power systems kicked in, a blade in their core switch crashed. They had to transfer the connections to a backup card until the primary was replaced. In the past, this would have required them to physically trace each patch cord and relocate them individually; however, by using iPatch, they simply pressed the “trace” button on the patch panel and the other end was quickly identified. The customer quickly relocated the cords and got their services back up within minutes, avoiding the hours needed to manually trace each cord.

Having survived this near disaster, the customer was convinced that they should extend its intelligent infrastructure beyond the data center to include its telecom rooms and office space.

This is just another way iPatch proved its worth, and it is far better than anything you might read in a brochure.

Are you ready to deploy an intelligent infrastructure solution in your data center?


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