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Accu-Tech's Exclusive Interview with Psiber Data Systems

by Lauren Dempsey on November 16, 2012

Psiber Data Systems – Accu-Tech Interview: Continue reading to learn more about Psiber Data Systems as a company and their product offering! View a few of their products at the bottom and click through to view their listing on eAccu-Tech.com!

Accu-Tech: Tell me a little bit about Psiber and what sort of products does Psiber specialize in?

Psiber: Founded in San Diego in 1994, Psiber Data Systems is a U.S. manufacturer and global provider of network test, monitoring and certification equipment to speed the deployment, performance and maintenance of networks and applications. 

Accu-Tech: What makes your tester unique from other testers currently on the market?

Psiber: There are several features and benefits that separate the WireXpert from any other tester on the market.  The WireXpert is the only tester with accuracy that exceeds Level-IV over the full 0-2000MHz (2GHz) measurement frequency.   This allows it to certify cabling to today’s standards as well as the 2GHz next generation Category 8 standard currently being worked on by the TIA.  Also, instead of simple pass/fail LED lights on the remote unit, the WireXpert’s remote has an informative full color touchscreen identical to the main unit.  This Dual Control System (DCSTM) minimizes walking time by allowing one technician to initiate, troubleshoot, and store test results from either side of a link or channel.  With its market-leading 9 second CAT-6A certification time and 12 second bidirectional Tier I fiber certification time, the WireXpert is truly the fastest field tester available.  Similar to adding apps on a smartphone, the color touchscreen on both units allows users to add new features through free software downloads as they become available on our website.  Combining the color touchscreen interfaces, fastest certification test times, 2GHz frequency range, and unique permanent link design, the WireXpert provides owners with the most advanced cable certifier with the lowest cost of ownership on the market.

Accu-Tech: What's your top selling product-- the 'go-to' for most customers?

Psiber: Psiber Data Systems sells products into a variety of markets.  In addition to the structured cabling market, we manufacture numerous proprietary items that are sold into the automotive, aerospace, and CATV markets.  Each market has a ‘go-to’ product that has been custom designed to meet the high tech needs of that customer base.

Accu-Tech: Can you tell me more about Category 8 and how your testers fit into this new distinction?

Psiber: Category 8 refers to a new type of cabling system being defined by TIA for supporting 40Gbps Ethernet over copper twisted pair cables.  During the TIA meeting in October 2012, the first draft of this standard was created for review by committee members.  RF performance for this new cabling system will be defined to 2GHz (2000MHz).   Category 8 field installations are expected in 1 to 3 years.  Psiber Data’s WireXpert is the first tester in the industry with a test frequency that already meets the Category 8 proposal.  Psiber is committed to ensure that customers who purchase a WireXpert now will be able to test their Category 8 cabling installations with this tester.  This makes the WireXpert a truly future proof cable certification tester.

Accu-Tech: Could you tell me more about Psiber's latest product, WireXpert? What makes this product revolutionary?

Psiber: WireXpert is a revolutionary new cable tester that, apart from superior measurement technology, features the fastest test speed in the industry. Category 6A cables are tested twice as fast with WireXpert compared to other testers.  Its bright touch-screen interface makes testing at both ends easy and efficient.  Combine that with large built-in storage memory and long battery life and you have a future-proof tester that gives advanced technology and the best productivity at an affordable price!


WX4500-FA: Psiber WireXpert Cable Certifier


WX4500-FA: Psiber WireXpert Cable Certifier              





WX-AD-MM2: Psiber Tier I Fiber Certification Modules Test Kit, Multimode


 WX-AD-MM2: Psiber Tier I Fiber Certification Modules Test Kit, Multimode             


WX-AD-SM2: Psiber Tier I Fiber Certification Modules Test Kit, Single-mode


  WX-AD-SM2: Psiber Tier I Fiber Certification Modules Test Kit, Single-mode

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