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Eaton's Cloud-Based UPS Simplifies Remote Management

by Teddi Strassburger on March 11, 2024

BC350RNC Cafe Wall CloudHave you ever wanted to manage your remote power assets from afar? You probably have! Especially when you're installing multiple power management devices across remote sites, it can quickly become very difficult to manage and maintain your system. 

Well, Eaton has some exciting new solutions coming soon: their Tripp Lite series cloud-connected Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems! Cloud-connected UPS systems can make it easy to manage your power devices from a central location (or anywhere you can connect to the Internet), offering a secure and cost-efficient alternative to physically checking on the status of each and every device. 

Of course, some forms of remote management have been available for decades... so what makes Eaton's Tripp Lite series cloud-connected UPS systems different? It all comes down to Zero-Touch. 

Why Zero-Touch Remote Management?

A true Zero-Touch approach to remote power management requires several key elements. Historically, creating that Zero-Touch approach has been pretty difficult, and network managers have found themselves having to continually manage equipment on-site, collect and recycle old units as they age, and track increasing shipment costs for batteries and replacement units. The power needs, however, have only continued to increase. EV charging infrastructure and large data centers handling AI-based tasks require more power than ever, and we're going to keep seeing increasing demands like these as technology evolves. 

Zero-Touch power management enables easier, faster, and more cost-efficient power management... all while ensuring those critical power applications receive the protection they require.

Introducing Eaton's Tripp Lite Series Cloud-Connected UPS Systems

Eaton's Tripp Lite series cloud-connected UPS systems incorporate that Zero-Touch approach throughout their design, installment, and maintenance. Their new line is optimized for remote management of endpoint devices, such as point-of-sale devices, in IoT applications. This makes them a great choice for many facility types - certainly any that are looking for easier, truly remote management of their devices. 

Eaton's line includes: 

  • A complete line of UPSs available in multiple power ratings, form factors, battery types, and communication capabilities to meet your specific needs 
  • The ability to deploy inexpensive UPSs at scale with the peace-of-mind that you won't need to replace them too soon, since the Li-Ion batteries will last 8-10 years
  • The ability to remotely control connected equipment to cycle power of faulty devices for easy resets, removing the need to dispatch staff to manually reset the devices on-site 
  • A new cloud-based platform to provide immediate notifications of any issues and perform remote management tasks without the need to install any software locally, reducing the risk of downtime due to issues with software installation 
  • Fully-certified cybersecurity to ensure that cloud-connected assets do not become a potential vulnerability on your network 

Since you can completely monitor your UPSs and connected devices via a mobile app or web browser, and easily make changes whenever needed, Eaton's Tripp Lite series cloud-connected UPS systems make it easy to manage power throughout your facility or campus. 

Learn more about Eaton's solutions by contacting your local Accu-Tech representative, or check out Eaton's page on our website here

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