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Explore Biometric Security with Great Lakes Case and Cabinet

by Teddi Strassburger on September 2, 2016

When all other security systems in your data center have failed, it is up to the enclosures to prevent unauthorized entry. A well-deployed data center security solution is able to deter, detect and delay penetration. Security Enclosures All Levels, or SEAL™, is a robustly-designed product family from Great Lakes Case and Cabinet that adGLCC Biometricsdresses various security requirements, and now, biometric access control can be integrated into these enclosures to take your data center security to the next level. 

The SEAL family of Great Lakes enclosures are sealed tightly to prevent intrusion, but they also accommodate airflow, power and cable flexibility. As part of the SEAL family, Great Lakes ES enclosures are designed with a single-source process that ensures structural integrity, while also integrating sophisticated components in order to create the ultimate protective barrier against harm.

GLCC Security EnclosureWhen biometric access control is integrated into the SEAL family of Great Lakes enclosures, the security of the enclosures is unmatched in its capabilities and sophistication. Biometric access control features: 

  • 100% physical access control to server rack cabinets. Centralized administration, monitoring, alerting and reporting is scalable from one to thousands of units. Highest level of compliance attained with an indisputable audit trail covering all server cabinet access.
  • Ability to secure multiple cabinets arranged in rows, providing the options for a fingerprint reader at each cabinet door and a central controller. Also, biometric access control provides the option for users to authenticate at the end of a row of cabinets instead of each individual cabinet door. 
  • Proprietary fingerprint registration and recognition software creates a seven-point hash used to create profiles and grant access; the system also detects heartbeat and body temperature to protect against copies or other "fake finger" attempts for access. 
  • Sophisticated bus architecture distributes redundant control signals and electrical power to each door lock. A single control unit and single power supply are capable or securing up to 32 cabinets using only one IP address. Plus, it requires no rack space. 
  • Unlike other biometric systems, the Great Lakes Biometric Solution does not require the physical storage of any personal information on anyone requiring access. A proprietary algorithm generates the biometric signature recognized by the system. This is especially important in situations governed by HIPAA and other regulatory guidelines. 

Great Lakes' SEAL enclosure offers a combination of the strongest and most flexible enclosure platform in the industry with the most sophisticated security system ever offered at the enclosure level. 

Click here to learn more about Great Lakes.

Click here to contact your local Accu-Tech representative. 


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