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Support Your Smart Devices with the uLAN Network Architecture

by Teddi Strassburger on August 9, 2023

Man and Woman Talking in Server RoomIs your building smart? 

As urban areas continue to expand rapidly, integrating intelligent devices and sensors becomes even more vital for enhancing efficiency and sustainability in those densely populated cities and large buildings. By closely monitoring indoor air quality and tracking occupancy levels, facility managers can implement effective measures to maintain a healthy environment for everyone. It's not just about air quality, though; systems like HVAC, lighting, security systems, and energy management systems are quickly joining the ranks of smart solutions. 

However, the increasing number of smart devices joining the network presents a new set of challenges. Traditional infrastructure designs are often ill-equipped to handle the rising bandwidth demand and added complexity. When you're looking to make your building smarter, you also need to consider how your network will support the ensuing influx of data and processes. 

Enter uLAN! The Utility LAN (uLAN) network architecture enables you to simplify management, improve security, and alleviate network stress. With this type of network, fully separate from your core LAN network, you can achieve the system convergence your smart building requires - without the downsides. 

Leviton cabling systems are designed to support your uLAN network and your smart devices. Explore their solutions and learn more about the uLAN network architecture here

By adopting the uLAN Network Architecture, building owners and facility managers can unlock the full potential of smart and healthy buildings. This cutting-edge solution not only improves operational efficiency but also contributes to the overall sustainability of urban environments. With the uLAN architecture in place, cities and buildings can evolve into intelligent ecosystems that seamlessly integrate technology, people, and the environment, creating a future where smart and healthy living is the norm.

Contact your local Accu-Tech representative to get started, or visit Leviton's page on our website to learn more.

Topics: Leviton smart building ulan integrated buildings

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