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Greenlee Communication's Sidekick Plus ADSL FED

by Julie Clark on March 2, 2015



Greenlee Communication's Sidekick PLUS ADSL Far End Device is designed for use with the SideKick Plus as a complete ADSL testing solution. The device helps qualify pairs for ADSL service with ease while reducing testing time and increaseing technician productivity. 

Why ADSL? 

ADSL, or an Asymettrical Digital Subscriber Line, is a data communications technology that enables faster data transmission over copper lines. 


Why the Sidekick Plus?

The Sidekick® Plus test set facilitates the technician’s work in the field. By combining the functions of a voltohmmeter, longitudinal balance tester, and open meter with five transmission and noise tests, this tool reduces repeat reports and improves quality of service.


Added Benefits

Save time. Easy-to-use mode selection dial saves time on the job.

It's versatile. From tone generation to fault location, the Sidekick® Plus does it all.

It's fully loaded. The Sidekick® Plus ADSL / VDSL comes complete with all you need to perform service tests on DSL networks.


The featured Kit Includes:

• Sidekick® ADSL Far-End Device Unit
• RJ45 to Telco clip leads
• Canvas carry case



K-Test – Far-End-Device straps the pair under test
TDR – Far-End-Device can alternately short and open the pair to verify the end-of-line
Noise – Far-End-Device provides a line termination
Loss – Far-End-Device provides single or multiple reference tones
Longitudinal Balance – Far-End-Device provides an IEEE 455-1985 Longitudinal Balanced Termination
Autotest – The Sidekick Plus manages the operation of the Far-End-Device during the test sequence.
Short Pair – Verifies loop length
Short Pair to Ground – Determines pair resistive balance

• Remote activation via Sidekick® Plus
• Ability to connect and disconnect Central Office and Customer Premise equipment
• Supports Second Pair Testing
• Generates tones for pair ID and pair tracing
• Capability to generate tones over a range of frequencies from POTS to ADSL


Click here to learn more about the SIDEKICK PLUS ADSL FED. 

Click here for Greenlee Textron and Greenlee Communications demo videos.


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