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Introducing Leviton's ATLAS-X1™ FDT MILLENNIUM™  Solution

by Accu-Tech and Leviton on June 14, 2024

This week, Leviton launched the ATLAS-X1™ FDT MILLENNIUM™ Category 6A Global Copper Shielded System, which includes Leviton’s latest FDT cable, the smallest Cat 6A F/UTP cable available in the industry. Together, these components form the widely accessible MILLENNIUM™ copper system. Keep reading to learn more about the new MILLENNIUM system from Leviton, and we’ll chime in with our takeaways, too! What are your favorite notes to highlight with the ATLAS-X1™ FDT Global System release? If I missed your favorite feature, drop them in the comments!

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More about FDT:

The new ATLAS-X1™ FDT Global System system features Leviton’s all-new, next-generation Category 6A shielded cable, FDT—short for Foil-reduced Diameter Technology. The FDT cable utilizes an F/UTP construction and delivers the smallest outside diameter F/UTP Category 6A-rated cable on the market. It is available in all appropriate fire safety ratings worldwide, including Plenum, Riser, CPR, and LSZH. (Global opportunities: Check.)

Leviton FDT Cable renderingThe new FDT cable features Precision Twist Technology, an exclusive technology that manages twist variations in the cable, allowing for Category 6A performance in a more compact size. This technology facilitates exceptional alien crosstalk performance, exceeding industry benchmarks, all housed within a streamlined cable design. This compact design helps customers reduce installation expenses by utilizing smaller trays and conduits in new constructions and repurposing existing pathways in retrofit projects. (Cost-savings: Check.)

So, what’s MILLENNIUM?

Each MILLENNIUM™ copper system includes worldwide category-rated cable solutions, a variety of choices in modular or 110-style panels, Leviton's cutting-edge global patch cord platform with a compact plug-and-boot design for dependable high-performance connections, and top-of-the-line ATLAS-X1™ or EXTREME™ jacks. (End-to-end system: Check.)

The ATLAS-X1 FDT MILLENNIUM™ system, utilizing ATLAS-X1 shielded connectivity and FDT cable, effectively suppresses alien crosstalk and is ideal for protecting signal integrity in noisy indoor environments where pathway space is at a premium. In short, this translates to easier installations and greater cost savings. (Passed crosstalk testing: Check.)

MILLENNIUM Copper Systems provide customers worldwide with consistent, high-quality performance, and feature environmentally conscious solutions, including bulk pack options, sustainably smart packaging, and other optimized product designs. We love seeing a product launch promoting sustainable solutions - thanks, Leviton, for including these in your product design. (Sustainable options: Check.)

From Leviton:

“FDT is the most innovative shielded Cat 6A cable we have ever developed,” said Todd Harpel, Senior Director of Global Copper Cables at Leviton. “Using our Precision Twist Technology, our engineers were able to eliminate the cable cross-filler, so we’ve made a solution that is smaller, lighter, and easier to install, reducing termination time and jobsite waste.”

Smaller, lighter, end-to-end, sustainable options, cost savings, and global opportunities? Sounds like a win-win-win(x3) to us!

You can order all of these globally-rated systems through your preferred Distribution partner, Accu-Tech, via the Accu-Tech Cloud or by contacting your Accu-Tech representative. 

Contact your local Accu-Tech representative for more information. 



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