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Lencore’s New Spectra Gold: An All-Inclusive System That Delivers Incredibly Comfortable Sound Masking

by Bobby Salerno on December 6, 2019

Creating Successful Work Environments

As a professional, you recognize how important it is to create the right environment to do business. Making your place of business comfortable and private for employees and clients is critical to your success. Privacy laws continue to play an important factor in today's work environment. Whether it is financial, human relations, or medical information, privacy is an important consideration in designing any space. Lencore Spectra Gold sound masking can achieve an environment where you feel at ease.

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Sound Masking and Spectra Gold

Sound masking works by introducing a unique, broadband sound complementary to the speech spectrum that effectively covers indirect speech levels. This scientifically engineered sound is amplified through individual speakers installed above or in the ceiling throughout the space that ensures complete and uniform coverage. Raising the background sound in an environment over indirect speech levels covers, or masks, unwanted office noise. As a result, overheard speech becomes less intelligible, and therefore, less noticeable.

Lencore Specta Gold image
Lencore sound masking continues to be rated the most comfortable in the industry. The Lencore Spectra Gold Unit is an all-inclusive system for environments up to 12,000 square feet. The self-contained system mounts into a rack, hangs on the wall or sits on a shelf. Standard cable runs from the unit out to the speakers which are daisy-chained together to provide the most comfortable sound in the industry. In addition to the sound masking, Spectra Gold offers one audio input source that is ideal for adding background music applications. Keep reading to learn about speaker options for your environment 

Lencore Spectra speaker optionsSpectra GoldTM 

Spectra Gold is ideal for your unique space as it delivers incredibly comfortable sound masking for up to 12,000 square feet. The system utilizes channels for controlling speakers and zones in order to enhance your work environment and protect speech privacy. It also provides background music, if you choose to connect an audio source (such as an iPod) that allows you to customize your occupants’ experience.

Click below to learn about Lencore's Spectra Gold

Lencore Spectra Guide SS

Features and Benefits of Spectra Gold
• Complete comfort, privacy and productivity coverage for your space through 8 independent
channels with up to 8 speakers per channel for a total of 64 speakers
• Flexibility in set up and control of the various work environments within your space, from
reception area to private rooms and corridors, with enhanced zoning capabilities
• Dynamic controls, either through ethernet connection to the network software, called
System Manager, or additional hardware components such as remote control or wall plates,
give you the ability to easily adjust the system and provide a customized experience
• Music through RCA input connection can be zoned to specific areas of your workspace
• Easy to read LCD display and LED performance indicators for system performance and

• Healthcare
      o Doctor
      o Dentist
      o Pharmacy
      o Independent Healthcare Spaces

• Office Environments
     o Law Offices
     o Insurance Offices
     o Private Work Spaces
     o Small Offices with Open Plans

Spectra Gold helps to protect speech privacy and ensure HIPAA, GLBA and other privacy act compliance. Sound masking improves speech privacy and confidentiality by raising the ambient
background sound. Sound masking helps make indirect conversation unintelligible and reduces incidental disclosures.

Learn more about Lencore

Learn more about Accu-Tech

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