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Oberon for Hospitality & Retail

by Paige Looney on April 25, 2016

Most hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces now have a Wi-Fi network for internal business processes and guest use.  Wireless is mission-critical for inventory and order processing, and guests will expect reliable wireless Internet access. The speed and integrity of the Wi-Fi network is key for many businesses, and will only become more vitally important to the business in the future.

The wireless network should be professionally designed and installed with appropriate regard to wireless coverage and physical security. Due to highly publicized security breaches in retail, WAPs should be locked up to prevent unauthorized access. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) requirement 9.1.3 states that the operator must “Restrict physical access to wireless access points, gateways, and handheld devices.”

  • Placing WAPs behind counters or above ceiling tiles does not adequately “restrict physical access” protect the WAP
  • These standards apply even if the retailer does not process credit cards wirelessly!

Recommended Oberon Solutions:


Hotel Wi-Fi is very common and guests expect to find strong wireless signals in all rooms, lobbies, and meeting areas. Hotels often require WAPs in each room. Many compact WAPs fasten to a telecommunications outlet low on the wall, vulnerable to tampering, disconnect, or accidental damage.

Model 1017-BL

This compact, non-metallic plastic box protects the WAP and cables connected to it. Deep enough to surface mount WAPs without a telecommunications outlet in the wall, the low-profile 1017 is molded from durable ABS plastic, virtually transparent to the wireless signal. Box cover has tamper-resistant screws.

1017.jpg                1017_open.jpg                  

Model 900-00

High-density WiFi installations require a large number of WAPs to be mounted throughout the facility.  The Model 900 mounts and secures WAPs from many vendors directly on the wall, with a convenient location to terminate the cable. The 900 can be mounted directly over a wall outlet or anywhere on the wall or ceiling.




WAPs are often installed throughout the restaurant to provide effective coverage. Oberon offers a number of solutions to help designer/installer blend the WAP into the environment, including paintable wall mount enclosures and paintable vanity covers.


Customize the appearance of popular wireless access points. The vanity cover is made from a plastic transparent to wireless signals, and can be attached directly to enterprise WAPs. The 33-WAP-COVER is paintable so you can customize the color of the WAP to partially conceal the access point or compliment interior color schemes. Coloring the vanity cover does not void the manufacturer’s warranty. Includes cover fasteners. Shown with Model 1008.



MODEL 1015-00

Compact, non-metallic enclosure secures and protects WAPs in residence halls, hotels, retail locations and other indoor venues. This rugged ABS plastic enclosure is virtually transparent to wireless signals so WAPs with integrated antennas or small detachable antennas may be protected. The box can be mounted directly over the telecommunication outlet, and cable raceway or conduit can be conveniently terminated.




Retail environments will see growth in their Wi-Fi traffic as point of sale applications grow and Facebook Wi-Fi becomes prevalent. Oberon offers a number of solutions for professional, secure placement of WAPs in retail environments that are economical, aesthetic and low-profile, while still complying with PCI standards. 

Model 1018-WH

Designed to resemble a light fixture, Oberon’s Model 1018 is an aesthetic, economical, and rugged enclosure that can be used to protect most vendors’ wireless access points in many environments.  The screw-on, white polycarbonate cover is virtually transparent to wireless signals. Internal bracket is designed to simplify access point installation.


Model 1006

Many WAP manufacturers recommend WAPs be mounted in a horizontal orientation. Secure APs from most manufacturers in areas where wall mounting may be required, such as residence halls, hotels, and other hard lid venues. The WAP is partially recessed into the right-angle bracket, exposing only the antenna face of the AP. Conduit, raceways, and cable can be terminated in the bracket. The WAP can be locked in place using the manufacturer’s locking features.  



For more information about Oberon's WAP solutions for environments ranging for educational to enterprise, or for any other questions, please contact your local Accu-Tech representative

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