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Off the Walls: Wall Mounts 101

by Teddi Strassburger on April 15, 2019

(This great blog post from Great Lakes Case & Cabinets highlights their wall mounts, including some new additions to their lineup! Check it out below. -Teddi)

At Great Lakes Case & Cabinet, our goal is to stay ahead of the curve in order to continue to provide the highest quality of cutting-edge technology and products to our clients. For our most popular product – our line of wall mounts – it’s no different. That’s why we’re expanding our already comprehensive portfolio at the end of this month with two new additions to our product line. Ahead of the release, find out how wall mounts are used, what makes our line of products unique, and other helpful details in this month’s Wall Mounts 101 post.

The What WDX walmount open2
Typically, wall mounts are used to house equipment that extends the network signal coming from a building’s or campus’s telecommunications room or data center. So, just like when you move out of range of a cell phone tower, in a large building – like a hospital or office complex – your data center’s signal can only go so far before the strength and speed of the network suffers. Wall mounts are strategically placed throughout the building to house equipment that will extend that signal’s reach so that no matter where you are, you’re able to access the information you need – quickly.

The Why
Of course you want the ability to access your network wherever you are in a building or on a campus. But beyond that, there are industry specifications that ensure access, speed, and other measurable requirements. Take a hospital, for example. Your data center may be in the basement but it’s crucial – in this case, lifesaving – that a strong, consistent signal reach the operating room on one floor, the MRI room on another, and the Emergency Department on another. That’s where wall mounts come in.

24 WMCM RENDER 2The Extras
A wall mount serves the same purpose as a full-sized enclosure – it houses the equipment, protects it from the elements and external forces, and keeps it secure. All of GLCC’s wall mounts provide a fully-enclosed, secure space not found in swing racks or open racks. Most wall mounts can be fully customized to account for specific size needs, but with more than five series of standard wall mounts, there are multiple sizes and weight capacities to address individual needs. Access control and accessories from GLCC’s SEAL® portfolio create a more secure space that restricts access, as wall mounts are often used in medium- to high-traffic areas. Learn all about our access control options in our Handles & Access 101 post.

What’s Next?
While GLCC already has an extensive catalog of wall mounts, the two new products that will be released in March address the needs we’ve seen in the industry (and we should know--we’ve been around for over 30 years). As technology has developed and the need for access to information has dramatically increased, the equipment has evolved in response – and our wall mount offerings must adapt as well in order to house that new equipment. Our new product lines will offer larger and deeper dimensions, the ability to accommodate more cabling, and a standard capability for increased security measures. Because we see what’s happening in the industry, we’re listening to those who have expressed these needs, and we’re evolving to provide next-level support to our customers and partners.

An added bonus? All of our standard wall mounts are in stock and ship within 24-48 hours. That’s just icing on top of a cake that is always adding new layers.

Learn more about all of our products by visiting our website. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for our two new lines of wall mounts later this month.

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