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Plug-and-Play Video Conferencing Simplicity with Vaddio

by Teddi Strassburger on April 12, 2017

Vaddio-ConferenceShot_Bundle_Huddle.jpgConferenceSHOT AV is an enterprise-class collaboration tool designed for plug-and-play video conferencing simplicity. 

The advent of Unified Communications (UC) products like Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom and Google Hangouts has brought video conference into a new, cost effective world. Relying solely on a laptop's built-in speakers and microphone, however, can still be a roadblock to clear communication, particularly in spaces with more than one person. A simple enterprise system allows simple plug-and-play operation at a convenient cost.

Vaddio has your answer.

To reduce the cost of entry and simplify the UC experience, Vaddio has introduced a new enterprise-class USB product called the ConferenceSHOT™ AV Conferencing System. This solution is designed for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) collaboration in huddle rooms and small to medium conference spaces. The ConferenceSHOT AV System was designed with corporate, healthcare, government and education environments in mind - places where USB-based BYOD or dedicated PCs are being used in the conference room.

The versatile system supports customized AV designs with third-party equipment or can be deployed as a standalone solution. The optional 20 watt ConferenceSHOT Speaker brings robust, full-bodied audio to every video conferencing meeting. 


The ConferenceSHOT AV System integrates a 10x zoom PTZ camera and audio conferencing mixer into a single USB 3.0 device, so you can easily connect up to two microphones and an external speaker directly to the camera. It allows simple plug-and-play functionality with all major UC soft clients. It's a significant step up in quality and performance from current desktop webcam-based technology being used for group meeting rooms today.

For smaller rooms, the ConferenceSHOT AV with a single EasyUSB table MicPOD is ideal; for larger rooms, two EasyUSB MicPOD microphones (table or ceiling) connected with the Vaddio powered loudspeaker provide complete room coverage. Bundles are available to meet the particular needs of various conference room sizes. 


The USB 3.0-based ConferenceSHOT AV supports any collaboration application enabling UC soft clients to become a group collaboration application. ConferenceSHOT AV is UVC compliant, requiring no drivers to be installed on your PC - just plug and play.

Enterprise Class

ConferenceSHOT AV incorporates the Vaddio Remote Management™ system - providing remote monitoring, management and control of a distributed camera network. IT departments enhoy the flexibility. IP-accessible and a built-in Web server enables both browser control and IP-live preview and setup from PCs, Macs and mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It also offers Telnet with REST API for room integration and simultaneous streaming up to 1080p/60 via IP and USB.

Now is the perfect time to power up huddle spaces and small to medium-sized meeting rooms with video and audio capabilities. 

More product details available here

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