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Power-over-Ethernet: Powering the Future of Digital Buildings

by Teddi Strassburger on May 6, 2020

(This blog post from Superior Essex provides an overview of Power-over-Ethernet technology and how to bring it to your facility. -Teddi)

2020_ChannelPartner_Sliders_v0217From card-less checkouts to 5G networks, the spaces in which we work and play are becoming more digital every day. As Carlo Ratti, director of MIT’s Senseable Cities Lab stated, “Cities are undergoing a profound transformation at the convergence of digital information and physical environment. Towns are now made not only of bricks – but of bits.” And Power-over-Ethernet technology is the key driver behind this digital transformation of the buildings that surround us every day of our lives.

What is Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)?

PoE is a groundbreaking connectivity solution specifically designed to enable building automation and smart building technologies such as lighting, sensors, thermostats and many other controls throughout the built environment. Not only does this convergence give building operators unparalleled control, but it also gives the building’s energy efficiency a big boost as well.

That’s because PoE can deliver up to 97% energy efficiency, which saves money by reducing power loss and overall energy consumption. And, because all of a building’s power and data can now be transmitted over a single cable, designers no longer need those extra power cables or integrators to install them, making installations faster and less costly. With in-demand benefits like those, it makes perfect sense why the PoE solutions market is set to reach $1.04 billion by 2022 (Markets and Markets, Market Research Report, 2016).

Who is Using PoE?

Everyone. From business enterprises and educational facilities to historic hotels and newly built hospitals, the energy-saving benefits of PoE span a variety of industries and applications. And the PoE technology has a wide breadth of applications as well. For example, here’s a breakdown of the estimated uptake of PoE technology by application type (BSRIA, Convergence and Big Data: The Impact on Structural Cabling, 2015):

  • 80% in VoIP
  • 38% in CCTVs
  • 21% in access controls
  • 60% in WiFi access points
  • 12% in lighting

What are the Best PoE Products?

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of cabling solutions in North America, Superior Essex is one of the companies at the forefront of Power-over-Ethernet innovation. The company’s PowerWise® PoE solutions suite offers copper, fiber and hybrid cables to power digital buildings in a broad range of applications. These cable products deliver up to 100 watts of power with exceptional efficiency, deliver the best electrical performance over 4-pair cabling and come with industry-leading lifespans.

With an increasing range of applications and benefits, technology partners worldwide are partnering with Superior Essex to deliver integrated PoE solutions, using the company’s PowerWise® cabling connects all of a building’s network-enabled technologies to create a smart, secure and more energy-efficient built environment.

Ready to transform your next digital building project? Let Power-over-Ethernet cabling solutions from Superior Essex take your building further, and start enjoying the benefits of up to 97% energy efficiency today. Contact your local Accu-Tech representative to learn more.

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