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Preparing Beats Predicting: Ready Your Data Center Now with Berk-Tek

by Paige Looney on April 6, 2015

It's estimated that more than 21 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2018. Many of these devices will be generating and/or transmitting video and other bandwidth intensive applications. All of this IP traffic will have to be managed, and to support this ever-increasing demand, a solid and flexible network infrastructure will be required.

Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies realizes this, and has been working to develop solutions that will allow you to not only handle today's needs, but more importantly, allow you to expand your data center's network infrastructure quickly and easily. 

MDPAssembly_250x100Data center managers told Berk-Tek that establishing a flexible migration path was their number one priority. The need to quickly and easily expand their data center's network infrastructure as their needs grow is extremely important. Many data center managers have already experienced the challenges and costs that arise when their current infrastructure is not easily expanded and they want to avoid this moving forward. That's where Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies comes in to play.

One way to simplify your migration path is by specifying 24-fiber MTP assemblies using Berk-Tek's Micro Datacenter Plenum (MDP) cable and cassette breakouts from Leviton. The advantage is that as you migrate from 1G to 10G to 100G you never need to change your trunk cabling. Only the patch cabling will change to accomodate your growing bandwidth needs. Additionally if you specify Berk-Tek's GIGAlite-10XB OM4+ fiber, you can increase your link-loss budget, allowing you to reach further or increase the number of connections. GIGAlite-10XB glass offers the highest performance and lowest loss in the industry. Learn more about migragration paths

LevitonHDF3168_250x100Maximizing density is important to many, but especially important to those customers who have large data center facilities. Real estate is expensive, and the less of it that is needed, the better. Additionally, as future switching technology grows in capacity, but shrinks in size, the number of fibers needed to take full advantage will also grow.

Berk-Tek offers two great cables that allow for greater density in patch panels and pathways. The TekPatch Mini-6 28 AWG patch cable offers an extremely small OD of just 0.146" with a bend radius of .600" and MDP is able to fit more fibers in less space than standard LTP cables. Both of these higher density cable solutions provide more room for future growth or smaller pathways and their smaller cross-sectional areas enable increased airflow.

The Leviton high-density HDF3168 Fiber Distribution System (pictured above right) is a main cross-connect or inter-connect frame that can handle up to 3168 fibers using LC in just one tile of floor space. Ideal for service providers, central office facilities, large enterprise and cloud data centers, the HDF3168 Fiber Distribution System will reduce your patching footprint, free up valuable space, and save you money.

Interested in learning more? Watch the Berk-Tek Webinar: Preparing Beats Predicting, Ready Your Data Center Now!


Presenter: Mike Connaughton, Manager, Data Center Market 

In this data center focused Webinar, topics will include:

  • Growth of cloud based services
  • How many fibers needed to support next generation switches
  • Optimizations of migration path's for maximum flexibilty
  • How to maximize density in pathways and racks

Click Here to Watch

For more information on Berk-Tek Data Center Solutions, to discuss which Berk-Tek products would work best in your facility or job-site, or for any other questions, please contact your local Accu-Tech representative. You can also check out Berk-Tek products on eAccu-Tech.

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