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Reducing Cybersecurity Risk is Critical. Eaton can Help.

by Teddi Strassburger on May 13, 2019

BANNER-Usabilla-POP-UP-Gigabit-432x205webThere are more mobile smart devices than people in the world. Imagine the potential when digital intelligence is fully integrated into machines, buildings, homes and vehicles.

Not only does Eaton employ artificial intelligence and advanced machinery in their facilities, they help their customers do the same. Cybersecurity is at the core of their “secure by design” philosophy, and it is embedded in all the Intelligent Power products and platforms they bring to market.

Eaton's secure development approach helps them manage cybersecurity risks in their products through the entire product life cycle: from threat modeling, requirements analysis implementation and verification to ongoing maintenance.

Taking the lead in cybersecurity

Eaton takes cybersecurity seriously. That's why they have developed a network card with built-in enhanced protection. The Gigabit Network card is the first in the industry to receive the UL 2900-2-2 certification, which provides you with confidence that the network card has been reviewed and tested. While hardware that lives behind a firewall is thought of as fully-protected, that isn't always enough to keep hackers out. 

Eaton’s Gigabit Network Card is the first UPS connectivity device to meet the UL 2900-2-2 cybersecurity standard. This network card protects data center uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) and power distribution units (PDUs) against cyberthreats.

What is UL 2900-2-2?

With more connected devices than ever, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) understands that there is increasing risk of cybercrime occurring through network connected devices. UL has developed this standard to assess the vulnerability of connected devices to known malware/ exploits and protect business from these risks. The UL 2900-2-2 certification is UL’s global standard for connected device cybersecurity.  Products tested undergo extensive testing, including static code reviews, vulnerability assessments and risk mitigation capabilities.  The Eaton Gigabit Network card was assessed for SSH, SNMPv3, NTP, SMTPS, DHCP and MQTT via TLS 1.2.  

What’s the benefit to you?

Encryption and Password management are the two key enhancements that make makes Eaton a leader in this space.


  • Uses the most current version of Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS)
  • Only secure protocols enabled by default
  • Firmware is signed and encrypted, and will not boot if tampered with
  • Secure SMTP for email alerts

Password Management

  • Requires change of password on setup
  • Configurable requirements for password complexity
  • Certificate based authentication in machine to machine connections – no username/ password information saved on the client machine, separate certificates for each protocol

Beyond enhanced cybersecurity, what does this card feature?

  • Gigabit speed for compliance with networking equipment and gigabit-only data center networks
  • Compatibility with Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) v1.61 or higher and several Eaton UPSs
  • Connected devices can be rebooted remotely with load segment controls automatically or on a schedule
  • Reduced setup time and increased compatibility without changing port settings on the network switch
  • Enhanced UPS capabilities - the UPS can be linked to other systems with the network card, thereby creating a system that can be used to save costs or provide additional functionality
  • Self-setting, real-time clock with battery backup and linkage to NTP (Network Time Protocol) server ensures accurate reporting of event history
  • Additional memory allows storage of current and prior firmware version

Learn more about the Eaton Gigabit Network card at Eaton.com/Network-M2

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