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Secure Your Data Center with Legrand

by Teddi Strassburger on June 20, 2024

Blue Data CenterWhen you're determining how to ensure the security of your network, one important area to consider is your Data Center (or Data Room). This is the heart of your organization's IT infrastructure, where sensitive data, servers, and networking equipment are housed. It's crucial to implement robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and potential cyber threats.

To protect against physical access to your data, you may want to select a security door for your Data Center or Data Room racks. The Mighty Mo 20 Heavy Duty Security Door from Legrand is a lockable, dual-hinged door that instantly secures your Mighty Mo 20 open frame racks, enclosing the electronics and data connections within. The rugged, fully-welded steel door creates a secure vertical manager interface when the door is locked. Don't worry about cooling, though - Legrand's Mighty Mo 20 Heavy Duty Security Door features a perforated panel for front-to-rear airflow. 

This door isn't just secure; it also adds functionality. It has a smooth, pin hinge design, including a 180° hinge for full access to your technology without removing the door. Since the door is dual-hinged, you can actually access your technology from either side, making it easier to perform maintenance and make changes. Of course, by design, the door conceals all of the equipment within the rack, so you won't see any cables or electronics as you're walking through the Data Center or Data Room. 

By investing in solutions like the Mighty Mo 20 Heavy Duty Security Door, you can enhance the physical security of your data center and safeguard your valuable assets from potential risks. With the ability to easily install this security door on your Mighty Mo 20 racks, upgrading your data center's security has never been easier. 

Contact your local Accu-Tech representative to learn more about protecting your network with Legrand, or visit Legrand's page on our website. 

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