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Seven Installation Tips to Help Prepare Your Network for the Future

by Teddi Strassburger on November 15, 2021

1047-LPDOME_4800_Closed_RGB300The evolution of wireless technologies and the growing number of connected devices have shifted the industry to adopt new and improved methods for installing wireless equipment. As a result, designers, architects, contractors and building owners are seeking new wireless solutions to help ensure simplified deployment, while also offering optimal performance and aesthetics.

In today’s blog, Oberon provides considerations to help you modernize your wireless installation and prepare your network for the future of connectivity.

Prepare Your Network for the Future with These Seven Installation Tips: 

  • Prevent tampering, theft or displacement by choosing a secure installation method.
  • Provide a simple installation that offers an easy migration path to future wireless access points.
  • Conceal and protect wireless equipment and cabling components without compromising performance of the wireless network.
  • Simplify hospital ICRA procedures with a ceiling installation method, permitting access to the installed equipment without opening the above-ceiling space. Use a ceiling enclosure in the critical environments requiring a barrier between the work space and the above-ceiling space.
  • Provide full access to wireless equipment and associated cabling and components for maintenance and serviceability without the need to enter the ceiling space.
  • Ensure acceptability in ALL jurisdictions with ceiling enclosures that are UL® listed with a UL label indicating “Ceiling Mounted ITC equipment.”
  • Realize consistency in installation method and aesthetics throughout the facility.

With these tips in mind, it’s also helpful to remember that Oberon, a division of Chatsworth Products, offers hundreds of mounting solutions that all meet today’s wireless installation challenges. They also offer the functional and aesthetic attributes you need in order to prepare your wireless deployments for future technology upgrades.

Learn more or buy now.

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