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TE Connectivity Sensor Line Expansion

by Julie Clark on December 5, 2014


Through recent acquisitions, TE Connectivity has become the leader in connectors and sensors for a wide range of applications and industries. Measurement Specialties, a leading global designer and manufacturer of sensors and sensor-based systems, offers a broad portfolio of sensor technologies ranging from pressure, vibration and force to temperature, humidity, ultrasonics, position and fluid. 

The new acquisition includes:


Temperature Sensors: Including high precision NTC thermistors, RTDs, thermocouples and thermopiles. Now offering a broad range of temperature products suitable for temperature measurement, temperature control, and temperature compensation applications.


Fluid Properties Sensors: Based on patented tuning fork technology for the fluid property measurement of viscosity, density and dielectric constant, and coupled with their efficient software algorithms, the Fluid Property Sensor portfolio of products is specifically designed to provide fluid quality and condition monitoring capability to a wide range of dedicated applications including oils (engine, hydraulic, transmission), fuels and DEF (i.e., urea) monitoring. A robust design enables FPS sensors to operate under diverse pressure, flow and temperature conditions to bring real time fluid monitoring to engines, fuel systems, SCR systems, compressors, transmissions, gear boxes and many other industrial applications.


Vibration Sensors: Accelerometers and vibration sensing know-how for applications in Aircraft Design & Testing, Automotive Design & Testing, Automotive Safety Testing, Machine & Structure Monitoring and Motorsport. Now offering both DC-Response (Static) and AC-Response (Dynamic) types of accelerometers to meet your different needs. 


Piezo Film Sensors: This sensor produces voltage in proportion to compressive or tensile mechanical stress or strain, making it an ideal dynamic strain gage. It makes a highly reliable, low-cost vibration sensor, accelerometer or dynamic switch element. Piezo Film is also ideally suited for high fidelity transducers operating throughout the high audio (>1kHz) and ultrasonic (up to 100MHz) ranges. 


Photo Optic Sensors: Includes both photo optic components and complete sensor solutions. The component series features dual LED, bi-wavelength emitters and spectrally paired photo detectors. MEAS optics are ideally suited for medical applications for which the selection of peak wavelength is a priority, such as pulse oximetry (SpO2). Also package the optics into complete probe assemblies for pulse oximetry (SpO2) monitoring applications.


Humidity Sensors: Designed to improve performance, reduce energy consumption, and increase safety. In any environment where temperature affects performance, compensating for humidity should also be considered. Typical applications for analog humidity sensors and digital humidity sensors include automotive, appliances, HVAC, and medical. 

If you would like to learn more about the other new sensors provided by TE Connectivity please click below. 


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