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The "Always On" Smart Hospital

by Teddi Strassburger on November 17, 2017

From the Patient-Care Facility to the Data Center, Tripp Lite is the complete solution provider to power, protect, secure, manage and connect medical and non-medical equipment in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.29.01 AM.pngWhere does Tripp Lite fit?

Patient-Care Vicinity: Extends 6ft. beyond any portion of the patient and 7.5 ft above the floor

Solutions: Medical-Grade UPS Systems, Medical –Grade Surge Protectors & Power Strips, Isolation Transformers, Display Mounts and Cables & Connectivity

Mobile Applications: Outlets mounted on mobile carts, IV poles and other movable equipment - must comply with UL 1363A, required for power strips permanently mounted as components of movable equipment assemblies

Solutions: Medical-Grade Power Strips, Medical-Grade Mobile Power Retrofit Kits, Self-Locking Outlet Covers and Power Strip Mounting Clamps

Administrative Areas: Any area outside of the patient-care vicinity, including offices, reception areas, waiting rooms, labs and conference room - surge protectors used in these areas must comply with UL 1449 standards to help ensure the safety when moved between locations

Solutions: Desktop UPS Systems, Surge Protectors  & Power Strips, Medical Grade Power Cords, Display Mounts, Charging Stations/Carts and Cables & Connectivity

Server Rooms: Solutions to support IT infrastructure

Solutions: Network UPS systems, Rack enclosures, PDUs, KVM Switches, Cooling, Network Switches and Cables & Connectivity

Video surveillance systems and distributed antenna systems (DAS) are just as vulnerable to power disruptions as the electronic equipment found above. Any blackouts, brownouts, power surges or line noise could disrupt the security cameras or prevent communication from emergency responders, which could place the safety of the patients and staff into question. The chart below highlights a few of Tripp Lite’s key public safety DAS solutions to support the ‘always-on’ guidelines set by the NFPA.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.29.07 AM.png

With the any Smart Hospital, comes compliance. Just having a hospital-grade plug is not enough to achieve medical-grade compliance. Medical-grade UPS systems, isolation transformers, mobile power kits and power strips combine hospital-grade plugs and outlets with special shock-prevention circuitry to achieve full medical-grade compliance. The governing bodies that monitor electrical power inside healthcare facilities base regulations on Article 517 of NFPA 70, NFPA 99 and NFPA 101. Selecting power products compliant with stringent safety regulations is an essential but often confusing part of any healthcare manager’s job. It is crucial to comply with these regulations in order to keep patients, staff and visitors safe within the smart hospital.

UL Standards Quick Reference:

UL 60601-1: Shock-prevention measure required for all devices that can potentially come in contact with patients and staff.
UL 1363A: Basic safety standard for power strips integrated as components of a larger systems where they supply power to equipment in a movable assembly that is rack, table or pedestal-mounted.
UL 1363: Basic safety standard for power strips that stand alone and are NOT designed as components of a larger system
UL 1449: Surge protector safety standard for units used outside of patient care vicinities

Trust Tripp Lite to integrate the complete solution, to guarantee a safe, smart and protected hospital! For the complete line of Tripp Lite Solutions to fit within the Smart Hospital, click here or contact your local Accu-Tech Representative.

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