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Upgrade Network Performance with TRENDnet’s Reliable Managed Switches

by Katy Plant on December 11, 2023

Businesses and facilities across the nation are facing the challenge of increased demand for high-speed internet services. Unfortunately, however, powerful networks don't just magically appear. If a business or facility wants to expand their network capabilities, they must integrate advanced technologies into their current system. 

Our trusted partner TRENDnet offers a full-range of reliable network switches to help businesses achieve the network capacity they need. What stands out this month is their newest Web Smart Switch Series, designed to upgrade the performance of business networks nationwide.  


TRENDnet Hive Compatible Switches

websmart solutions

TRENDnet's gigabit managed switches are equipped with RJ-45 ports that deliver super-fast speeds over your existing Cat5 or better cabling. Additionally, some of these switches also come with SFP/SFP+ ports, enabling high-speed, long-distance fiber network connections.

The strategic design of these TRENDnet switches not only reduces energy consumption but also minimizes distracting operating noise.

Network managers and operators can easily manage and configure select Web Smart Managed Switches remotely by updating switches to the latest firmware for access to TRENDnet Hive. TRENDnet Hive is a network cloud manager that reduces management time and cost.

Advanced managed switch features include:

  • LACP to Increase Bandwidth Between Switches by Grouping Ports Together
  • VLANs For Segmenting and Isolating Virtual
  • LAN Groups
  • QoS for Traffic Prioritization
  • Port Bandwidth Controls
  • SNMP Monitoring 

These features make managed switches a powerful solution for any SMB network. Customers can improve voice performance by isolating and prioritizing VoIP traffic from normal data traffic with an easy-to-use voice VLAN feature. 

Customers should also consider how hardware versions of (v2.xR) can be upgraded with the latest firmware to update their model to the latest hardware version.

Network Diagram_TPE-5028WS_1

Web Smart Solutions


TRENDnet’s Web Smart Switch Series offers advanced L2+ features with enhanced traffic management controls, and an intuitive web-based interface, to meet the evolving demands of today’s networks. Their multi-gigabit managed switches come equipped with 2.5GBASE-T or 10GBASE-T RJ-45 ports that provide higher than gigabit speeds, capable of up to 2.5Gbps or 10Gbps (2.5G speeds can be achieved over your existing Cat5e or better cabling.

Available Web Smart Models


PoE Web Smart Solutions


PoE technology makes it incredibly convenient and efficient to set up and manage a network infrastructure. With great features on-hand, installers can also easily network a variety of PoE devices, for example:

  • High-Power Wireless Access Points
  • PTZ and Other Advanced IP Cameras
  • VoIP Phone Systems
  • IPTV Decoders
  • Access Controls

The above options make Web Smart Switches an incredibly convenient and efficient solution for setting up and manage a network infrastructure.

Available Web Smart Models

Select TRENDnet multi-gig managed switch models also offer 10G SFP+ slots for high-speed fiber network connections, providing a cost-effective solution in adding 10G link capability to an SMB network. By incorporating TRENDnet’s Web Smart Managed PoE+ Switches into your network, you can streamline your installation process and save on equipment costs while ensuring a reliable and high-performing network.

These cloud managed switches require no additional hardware, server, or personal cloud with TRENDnet’s reliable cloud service. Additional fee applies; please visit www.trendnet.com/hive for more details.







Installers and integrators can benefit from significant cost savings on equipment, and reduce installation time, when they switch to TRENDnet’s Web Smart Managed PoE+ Switches. Delivering 30W per port of PoE power and data over existing Ethernet cables, this solution eliminates the need to buy separate data and power cables.

wireless atc and trendnet

Interested in incorporating TRENDnet switches into your unique environment? Contact an Accu-Tech Representative to start your Wireless project.

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