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WiFi Bollard: Convenient Solution for Putting WiFi Outdoors

by Teddi Strassburger on August 1, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 4.14.09 PM.pngReliable WiFi is desired just about everywhere: parks, swimming pools, courtyards, lobbies, parking lots, etc. These locations are difficult for installing WiFi access points because there are neither ceilings nor walls to mount the APs. Sometimes APs are mounted on light or utility poles, but the coverage from these locations is often not what is desired. Exterior walls of buildings are often off-limits for WiFi due to architectural concerns.

Secure & Convenient:

Oberon’s WiFi Bollard

Oberon’s WiFi Bollard is a rugged, standalone mount for indoor- or outdoor-rated access points. The bollard is comprised of a durable weatherproof fiberglass shaft and adjustable interior equipment stand that allows the installer to place and conceal the AP, dipole and panel antennas, power supplies, media converters, cables, and connectors where desired.

The WiFi bollard can be mounted on either a prepared pedestal or anchor base (Model 3030-AB). The internal equipment stand permits the AP and antennas to be mounted at the desired height.

To ensure excellent wireless performance, the fiberglass shaft is virtually transparent to wireless signals.


The WiFi bollard places the AP and the antenna at an acceptable height above the ground without being conspicuous, and is in a form factor acceptable to many landscape and building architects and property owners.

The bollard color is in the fiberglass resin, so it won’t scratch or chip. The bollard can be painted for camouflage or design.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 4.14.23 PM.pngModel 3030-BK-AB

WiFi Bollard AP Enclosure

       Category: Indoor/Outdoor NEMA

Oberon’s Model 3030-AB Anchor Base WiFi Bollard is ideal for extending WiFi coverage into lobbies, auditoriums, sports venues, courtyards and parks. The WiFi bollard can be used to mount the AP in locations where a ceiling or wall mount is not available or aesthetically unacceptable. The bollard is designed for indoor or outdoor APs with external antennas and protects the AP and antennas from weather and tampering. The fiberglass cylinder is virtually transparent to wireless signal. Large enough for AP, external antennas, and small network switch.


Features & Benefits

  • Rugged WiFi Bollard for indoor and outdoor extension of WiFi coverage
  • Protect AP, antennas, and switch from weather, spilling liquids, and tampering
  • Virtually transparent to wireless signal
  • Large enough for most vendor’s APs, dipole or panel antennas, and small network switch

Technical Specifications

  • Designed to NEMA 3 standards for indoor/outdoor use Rugged, paintable, 0.25" thick fiberglass construction
  • Designed for AC line voltage and low voltage permanent installations
  • Anchors to pre-installed concrete pedestal, cabling is conducted through conduit in pedestal
  • Currently offered in black
  • Height: 54 in. above grade
  • Top Inner Diameter 12.5 in., Base inner diameter: 13.5 in.

Measurements (Maximum values):

  • Height: 54 in. above grade
  • Width: Inner: 12.5 in., Base: 13.5 in Depth: Inner: 12.5 in., Base: 13.5 in
  • Fiberglass Bollard
  • Internal fiberglass AP and antenna mounting pole
  • Anchor base and hardware to fasten bollard
  • U-bolts and AP and antenna mounting hardware
  • Color matched ABS anchor base bolt cover with tamper-resistant hardware
  • Installation Instructions

Click here to learn more about Oberon.

Click here to contact your local Accu-Tech representative.

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