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You Can't Handle the Truth: Handles & Access 101

by Teddi Strassburger on April 12, 2018

RR1AHandles are the gateways to the files, information and critical data stored on the other side of an enclosure. While most people recognize the importance of a quality server handle to protect their company's information, they may not realize there are many options with important distinctions - and finding the right handle for your particular need is crucial to your company's security. So, how exactly will you decide which handle is what you're looking for? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine the right handle: 

  • Is this something you'll want to be able to manage on your computer, or is it just replacing a standard key with something electronic but not connected to a network? 

We can offer a variety of suggestions. For the purposes of this blog post, let's imagine you want a handle that ties in with a management system, as in most cases. 

  • So you want the handles to work with a management system. Does this system already exist? 

If not, we can talk about what management system we recommend using and how to start from scratch. But more often than not, the customer will have an existing system they'd like the handles to tie into. Some options from Great Lakes Case & Cabinet are able to tie into existing systems, but others are not, so this is important to know up front.

  • What kind of authentication would you like the cabinet to require? 

There are four main options: identification card, pin number, biometrics or a combination. Card readers are, by far, the most common, followed by a card reader with a pin code add-on for two-factor authentication. This information will also help us decide which option to recommend to you. 

RR4AWith all of this information, we can help you determine which of the 25+ handle options Great Lakes offers would be right for your organization. For example: 

  • One of the most popular handle models is the GL-SEAL-R2000KP. Great Lakes would recommend this to a company looking to integrate handles into an existing management system and would like a two-factor authentication system with both a card reader and a pin number. 
  • Another model Great Lakes often recommends is the GL-SEAL-R3000. This handle is unique because, unlike many others that have one wire associated with each handle that plugs into an available port on the server, the R3000 can chain the wires together, so 32+ handles only take up one port on the server. This saves both space and money. 
  • If you're looking for a biometric handle option, one of the most popular models is the GL-SEAL-DL. This option uses a RFID card and also asks for fingerprint authentication. What makes this handle so unique is that it can be tied into an existing management system - something many biometric options are not able to do. 

While handles can be installed on a number of enclosures in the industry, as part of their new SEAL portfolio, Great Lakes offers products specifically designed to mount and protect intelligent handle options. A Secure Contour Door from Great Lakes features interior perimeter channels where cables are fed from the handle to the handle node inside the enclosure; channels hide the cables and prevent tampering or even accidental disconnect. A Security Bracket Kit is seamlessly installed in the top inside of the enclosure; this conceals handle cables inside of the enclosure, as well as the handle node/controller. 

The multiple cables and wires for intelligent handles can become an overwhelming task when it is time for installation. As part of Great Lakes integration services, handles and associated cables can be installed in Great Lakes enclosures prior to shipping! Utilizing Great Lakes integration services for intelligent handles, as well as many other third party products, provides you with a time and cost savings - enclosures arrive ready for immediate equipment installation.

Click here to learn more about Great Lakes.

Click here to contact your local Accu-Tech representative.

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