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Take Steps Towards a Sustainable Future: Reduce your environmental impact while boosting data center efficiency.

Smart-UPS Ultra: The Future of Uninterruptible Power: APC's smallest and most lightweight UPS, delivering more power in less space.

Discover Our New NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced: APC's latest innovated designed for fast, flexible deployment.

Certainty in a Connected World.

Clean Battery Back-Up Power, Surge Protection, & IT Physical Infrastructure

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APC, a Flagship Brand of Schneider Electric, provides clean battery backup power, surge protection, and IT physical infrastructure inside and outside the traditional IT environment. Through our APC brand products and solutions, we offer certainty in a connected world. Certainty that our reliable, integrated physical infrastructure solutions are based on the fundamental premise that your data and information should —and always will be —accessible.

With APC products that are connected to Schneider Electric ecosystems, we provide a complete portfolio of data center solutions, software, and services that are sustainable, resilient, hyper-efficient, and adaptive in the cloud and at the edge. That’s certainty in a connected world.


APC Smart-UPS™ Ultra 3kW

Introducing APC Smart-UPS™ Ultra 3kW, a UPS with 2.5x the power in a footprint that's half the size & weight. Maximize performance at the edge with EcoStruxure™ Ready functionality for remote management, long-life lithium-ion batteries, and the ability to mount anywhere you need to optimize space.


Lithium Ion UPS


Why the Modular Ultra?

APC Smart-UPS Ultra is an ultra compact, 1U UPS that gives you the flexibility you need. Smart-UPS Ultra's battery lasts 3x more than a VRLA UPS, helping to eliminate costly maintenance, saving time and money. With five different mounting options and a power dense, compact design, the flexible model allows you to make the most out of your space. Additionally, our Smart-UPS Ultra has EcoStruxure™ Ready cloud-based monitoring, enabling you or your IT partner to monitor and manage it at anytime from anywhere. With a lower Total Cost of Ownership over the life of the UPS, you save battery replacement, labor and service fees.


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EcoCare Services 

EcoCare for single-phase UPS services membership, our next generation service plan, offers to our customers exclusive priority access to our experts & support combined with innovative digital capabilities across single-phase UPS lifecycle to increase its uptime, optimize overall maintenance activities, while reducing carbon footprint.


Securely monitor with Schneider Electric Network Management Card (NMC)


NetShelter Advanced Rack PDUs

From APC, the world’s most trusted brand in PDUs, comes a more powerful PDU with greater flexibility, reliability, intelligence, and even faster speed of deployment for the most demanding data centers with high density environments. IT devices in these environments need greater flexibility and more powerful innovative features to increase certainty and speed of deployment. APC NetShelter Advanced Rack PDUs provide a new, enhanced platform making them more flexible, reliable, intelligent, and manageable onsite or remotely anywhere in the world with EcoStruxure IT.

Infrastructure Solutions for Every Market

Confidently Manage Digital Transformation with the EcoStruxure™ Micro Data Center from Schneider Electric™ Solutions.

EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers APC Brand Complete IT infrastructure within a stand-alone, secure enclosure for protection of critical business applications. Include: power distribution, UPS, and environmental monitoring

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is necessary to address shortcomings in cloud-based applications and services with respect to performance and regulatory requirements. In short, cloud computing can’t always meet the required demands in terms of response time that critical applications require. Companies that face government regulations regarding where data is stored may also find cloud computing can’t deliver the sort of local storage they need.

It’s an issue because the trend toward digitization to improve efficiency and business performance is fueling demand for applications that require peak performance, particularly Internet of Things (IoT) applications. IoT applications often require lots of bandwidth, low latency, and reliable performance while meeting regulatory and compliance mandates, making them classic candidates for the edge.


What is a Micro Data Center? 

Micro data centers help address the challenges of moving more IT onto the factory floor, enabling IIoT applications, and the convergence of IT/OT. EcoStruxure Micro Data Center solutions are configurable, pre-integrated enclosed rack systems including power, cooling, security, and monitoring, offering a fast, simple way to deploy and manage edge computing infrastructure in any environment.


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Edge Computing in Healthcare

There is good news for hospitals looking to improve efficiencies and sustainability efforts. Innovations in edge computing technology are improving connectivity, and high-efficiency power and cooling are helping hospitals and healthcare facilities to:

        • Reduce costs

        • Improve operational efficiency and sustainability

        • Enable a better patient experience

        • Improve profitability

IT systems and related power and cooling infrastructure now play a major role in helping hospitals to drive efficiencies across the board. Most hospitals today have a small or medium data center on-premise, primarily used to archive records, but with the increased availability of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, significantly more devices and sensors are being connected. New medical devices are being introduced into hospital facilities on an ongoing basis and they need to be connected to not only the hospital, but also the cloud. Medical equipment providers host cloud-based diagnostic centers to help doctors and departmental staff achieve faster and more accurate patient results.

To accommodate these changes, many healthcare organizations are beginning to deploy micro data centers to enable hyper-efficiency connectivity to the cloud. Micro data centers are small preassembled, pre-tested, and integrated solutions configured into an enclosure. These micro data centers are ready to host servers, storage, and networking devices.


Edge Computing in K-12 Education

Thanks to improved budgeting and funding, such as the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) and the E-Rate Connectivity Fund, K-12 districts are set to advance their educational technologies. However, the push for connectivity brings risks. Effective device management and cybersecurity are crucial to safeguard education's digital transformation. Ultimately, success hinges on a comprehensive digital strategy and solid infrastructure.

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