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Comtran Cable LLC, located in Attleboro, MA is a leading manufacturer of high performance data communications, premise telephone, low voltage and specialty wire and cable.

Comtran First to Re-Certify 2-Hour Burn Cable

Comtran became the first company in North America to re-certify its fire resistive cable while maintaining a Riser rating (FPLR). To meet the new requirements, Comtran engineers redesigned its VITAlink® 2-hour burn cable. They developed a patented inner coating that hardens at high temperatures, thereby protecting the signal. VITAlink® passed seven two-hour burn tests at 1850°F at the UL headquarters in Northbrook, IL. The new cable is currently available as a shielded 14AWG 2-Conductor cable. Re-certification work on 12-gauge and 16-gauge VITAlink® is underway.

2-Hour Burn cable is typically installed in these life-saving areas:

Fire pump- Feeder/controls
Smoke control equipment
Command center critical systems
Pressurized stairway systems
Smoke management systems
Fire alarm systems
Electrical Equipment Rooms – Feeders/Service
Emergency Generators and Standby Power Systems
VITAlink® is designed to support critical systems such as emergency voice-alarm communication, smoke/fire alarm systems (EVAC), firefighter’s telephone and area of refuge communication systems, and visible notification appliances.




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