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Digital Barriers is a powerful video technology provider that empowers organizations with the business intelligence needed to make mission critical decisions. Revolutionary, low-bandwidth video optimised for cloud and cellular allows companies to understand more about their people and places without the need for additional hardware.

Our unique live streaming and edge analytics platform delivers revolutionary performance, often requiring 50-75% less bandwidth to deliver video across fixed and mobile networks. We partner with major networking operators, including Vodafone and AT&T, to ensure that our customers always have sight of their people and places without compromise.

Our proven heritage in delivering secure live video solutions to governments, military and specialist law enforcement, alongside public and private sector clients, means that we understand the importance of intuitive and responsive video. Digital Barriers’ IoVT-ready EdgeVis technology completely reinvents streaming, delivering powerful plug-and-play video to anyone, anywhere.

Empowering individuals, organizations & society to unlock the potential of real time video over cellular.

EdgeVis Video Router

Having partnered with Intel, our Video Router is a game changer. Packed with our proprietary bandwidth reducing codec, end-to-end encryption for cyber security, edge storage and advanced analytics, our EdgeVis Video Router is designed to save you time and money.

edgevis video router

EdgeVis Bodyworn

edgevis bodyworn

Wearable devices can be cumbersome and impractical, with poor quality video and the inability to access that data on the go. That all changes with the EdgeVis Bodyworn Camera. One device, delivering super-resilient real-time video and metadata over Cellular and Wi-Fi networks, provides you with the ability to manage teams in the field improve response times and strategic deployment of personnel. 

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This MiniCam delivers complete versatility for organizations that desire an all-in-one camera system purpose built to deliver video over Cellular and Wi-Fi networks. It is uniquely designed to provide consistent video and analytics from anywhere to everywhere.

edgevis minicam




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