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Greenlee Communications - Greenlee Communications offers a complete line of innovative and industry-leading test & measurement solutions for the communication service provider industry. Our expertise and innovative solutions address all stages of network deployment enabling the development, installation and maintenance of xDSL, Fiber, Cable & Wireless networks. Through our strategic acquisitions in Fiber & Ethernet segments, Greenlee has emerged as the leading provider of next generation test & measurement solutions in the global communications industry. We serve customers across the globe from the Americas , Europe, Africa and Asia. Our success is built on a long track record of delivering high quality innovative solutions enabling technicians to achieve their goals faster and with confidence.

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Greenlee PA4941: GripPack SurePunch Pro Technician’s Kit

Greenlee PA4941_G

All the tools you need to install or maintain telecommunications and data communications networks in a SureGrip pouch that keeps your tools handy and ready to go!

701K-G: Classic Tone and Probe Kit, Standard

Greenlee 701K-G

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 FI-100 Fiber Identifier Kit

GreenLee F1-100

A winner of the 2015 Lightwave Innovations Awards, the FI-100 fiber identifier allows the technician to quickly determine the approximate core power and signal direction in a fiber optic cable without disconnecting the fiber. 


  • Measure approximate core power and direction of signal transmission
  • Fast and easy fiber identification using tone detect


  • Prevents the technician from disconnecting critical services during troubleshooting and identification processes


  • Low induced insertion loss
  • Able to sense the presence of light in bend insensitive fiber
  • Supports all common fibers
  • Tone detect
  • Determines direction of light travel
  • Rugged and easy to use

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Greenlee- In 1862, it started with the Greenlee brothers’ barrel-making machines, then woodworking tools. Today Greenlee is the most respected and trusted source for professional grade tools when it comes to installing wire and cable. From holemaking and bending to test and measurement, you can depend on Greenlee tools to outlast and outperform the competition every time.


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