Hubbell Premise Wiring

Hubbell Premise Wiring provides high performance infrastructure solutions as one fully seamless integrated offering that works together to connect, deliver, manage and power your enterprise. From the factory floor and harsh environments to the data center, Hubbell copper, fiber, metal and delivery system products provide a comprehensive group of solutions that will meet all of your infrastructure demands. We back it all with a 25-year MISSION CRITICAL® System Warranty. 


Hubbell's Industrial RE-BOX®

Hubbell’s Industrial RE-BOX® Enclosure with Cooling product offering allows deployment of network equipment outside of the data center while maintaining an appropriate temperature operating range. High quality manufacturing and installer friendly configurations ensure that equipment is safe from environmental factors and meet the many challenges of outside plant installations. 

Hubbell's Industrial RE-BOX® with cooling took best in show at BICSI, read more here. Click here to learn even more about Hubbell's Industrial RE-BOX®. More of Hubbell's enclosure options can be found here.

Hubbell's AV Solutions

Hubbell's AV solutions include AV connectors, HDMI connections, pro audio connections, x-end AV plug-n-play and more. Click here to learn more about Hubbell's AV solutions. This brochure details Hubbell's solutions for AV connections over UTP cabling. 

Hubbell's Fiber Solutions

Hubbell offers a range of fiber solutions, including enclosures, fiber connectors, keyed LC systems, snap fittings, assemblies, pigtails and more. Click here to learn more about Hubbell's fiber solutions.  

Hubbell's Copper Connectivity Solutions

Hubbell's solutions for copper connectivity include blocks, cable, copper systems, jacks, patch cords, plates. trunk cables and more. Click here to learn more about Hubbell's copper connectivity solutions. 

Hubbell's Rack and Cabinet Solutions

Hubbell has a full line of rack and cabinet solutions, including cable management systems, metal racks, rail mounted solutions, ladder/basket trays, grounding and bonding solutions, power distribution solutions and more. Click here to learn more about Hubbell's rack and cabinet solutions. 

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