KBC Networks

No matter how good your endpoint technology is, the way you get your signals from A to B will ultimately decide whether your system works the way you need it to. 

If you need reliable, industrial transmission to get your signals from A to B, for CCTV, security, site management, intelligent transport networks and industrial control systems, you need KBC. KBC Networks provide the interfaces for cameras, sensors and control equipment that drive signals securely over wireless links, LANs, private and public WANs, mobile, 3G / 4G and fiber optic networks.

KBC Secure, Live Video Over 3G/4G

Live video over 3G and 4G networks in central London, driving over Tower Bridge. Using an Axis camera, real-time video was streamed securely over a 3G connection from the vehicle at 25fps. The camera was set to a bit rate of 500kbps -2Mbps.


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