As businesses begin to reopen, providing timely and accurate health information will become critical. LG's solutions will help you relay important information and keep employees, customers, visitors and patients informed with protocol definitions, social distancing guidelines, real-time updates and more.

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Digital signage displays in locations such as lobbies and hallways can provide digital way-finding, important information, menu boards and dynamic advertising.


Communication through digital signage

Starting with a complete line of Large Format Displays and Commercial TVs, touch screens and stretch screens, LG has expanded their range of public display solutions to incorporate diverse options such as hospital directories, information kiosk displays and menu boards. Way-finding services and educational information can be easily accessed at the touch of a button for patients and guests. LG digital signage displays can be utilized in boardrooms for meetings and teleconferencing purposes. In an emergency, LG's integrated signage solutions can relay emergency codes to convey essential information quickly and effectively.

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