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ProLabs is the leading global provider of OEM compatible optical transceivers, Direct Attach Cables (DACs), Active Optical Cables (AOCs) and media converters, providing customers with high-quality data center and IT network connectivity solutions.

For over two decades, we have delivered optical connectivity solutions that give our customers freedom, choice and seamless interoperability. We serve a diverse range of industries including healthcare, education and government. We supply solutions that are 100% compatible in form and functionality across 100 OEM environments, covering more than and 20,000 systems and platforms. At ProLabs, we invest in people, R&D, equipment and processes to ensure our optics are second to none. Our mission is to provide certified optical connectivity solutions across all networks. This means meeting MSA specifications, undergoing rigorous compliance measures to achieve TAA, RoHS, NEBS Level 3 and more.



Environmental Testing and Quality Control



                                                       Optical Transceivers


ProLabs offers an extensive range of compatible fiber optic and copper transceivers, ranging from 100BASE-FX to 100Gb and cover optical and copper transceivers such as GBIC, SFP, XENPAK, X2, XFP, SFP+, QSFP+, CFP and QSFP28. All transceivers are standards-based and comply with the MSA (Multi-Source Agreement).                 


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Direct Attach Cables (DACs) and Active Optical Cables (AOCs)

 QSFP-4QSFPDirect Attach Cables (DACs) and Active Optical Cables (AOCs) are often used for data center short reach interconnects. They are terminated with transceiver-style ends to be used in the same ports where optical transceivers can be used. Protocol independent, they can support a variety of data rates including Ethernet, Infiniband and Fiber channel. 


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Media Converters

ProLabs offers a full range of media converters, a true multi-rate device, supporting 10/100/1000Base, 10Gb copper, and 100/1000Base (dependent on SFP) and 10Gb SFP+ fiber.

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Transceiver-Exploded-with-Vendor-ProLabs-1Multi-coded Optical Transceivers

Gain huge cost savings and inventory efficiency by coding multiple OEM vendors onto ONE single transceiver, DACs, or AOC, giving you huge cost savings and inventory benefits.

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ProLabs Resources

ProLabs Overview

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Cabling Options

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Direct Attach and Active Optical Cables Fact Sheet

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Testbed Brochure 

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100G Transceiver Cheat Sheet

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TAA Compliant

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Additional ProLabs Resources by Vertical



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The ProLabs Promise

1. Availability

With our global presence, regional operations, and warehousing, we can offer same or next day delivery on most of our product range.

2. Interoperability

Our products are designed to bridge multiple platforms, which gives you minimum stock, maximum flexibility and ease-of-use.

3. Support

You can rely on our industry experts, in-region customer service and trusted advisers to give you a swift and personal service.

4. Quality 

Our stringent product testing processes, together with coding verification under operating conditions, gives you compatibility assurance and peace of mind.

5. Warranty

You can expect quality products and thorough testing, backed by a lifetime warranty on transceivers.

6. Value

Our range of innovative compatibility solutions enable you to maximize your connectivity with minimal initial investment.

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