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Behind every display, a PureLink solution can be customized to deliver your message in its purest form.

Focused on innovation and quality, PureLink is the leading provider of digital connectivity solutions to commercial audio/video and IT markets worldwide. Since its inception in 2001, PureLink has been committed to developing cutting-edge audio, video, and computer signal processing solutions, constantly driven by the changing needs of the professional customer.

PureLink has pioneered a powerful line of matrix-switching, format conversion, signal distribution, and long-distance extension systems that are optimized to support any consumer or commercial application. All of these advancements have resulted from PureLink’s unparalleled R&D and quality assurance, providing customized solutions and setting sights on creating a better user experience.

Government, military, business, education, entertainment, and healthcare markets rely on PureLink’s technology every day. One step ahead and always at the forefront of innovation – PureLink is the choice of informed professionals.

Our goal is simple – to bring HD video signals to its destination while retaining the “purity” of its original form. That is, an image or sound that is as clear and impressive as it should be – in real time, every time.

When Signals Go Bad...

With more than 14 years of experience in the pro-AV industry, we've seen it all - connection issues from blinking screens to color blocks and complete signal loss. Though tremendous credit is given to the competitive advantages of matrix routers for their handling of HD video and audio, what often gets overlooked is the conduit through which the signals are transmitted - the cables. Poor quality cables can sometimes damage extenders and even matrix boards. Through rigorous testing, research, and quality control, PureLink has eliminated connection issues in existing systems, and a complete end-to-end connectivity solution was born.


TOTALWIRE™ embodies PureLink's proprietary transport standards, protocols, and cables for each HD Video connectivity platform utilized in our solutions, currently 3G/HD-SDI, CATx (HDBaseT), DVI, HDMI, and Fiber.  So when you see the TOTALWIRE™ logo on a PureLink product, you know that each HD Video port conforms to our custom specifications for reliable, high-performance connectivity.  While fully compatible with industry-standard cables, connecting those ports with PureLink’s TOTALWIRE™ cables further ensures optimal transmission quality. 

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PureLink Launches New PureStream Video over IP 

The New PureStream VIP HDMI over IP Extension Systems and Control Software Provide Simplified Setup and Operation to Easily Manage A/V Distribution Over IP Networks


PureLink is excited to announce the additionof  the VIP Series Video over IP Solutions to its PureStream product line. The VIP Series reliably and affordably adds HDMI video, audio, RS-232, IR, and USB extension, as well as matrix switching capabilities to local and wide-area network systems. The VIP-100 Tx/Rx and VIP-200 Tx/Rx extenders, combined with the intuitive VPX Control Server Software, offer a complete A/V distribution and management solution that is easy to implement and operate over exisiting IP networks. 

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