In today's technology-driven environment, the backbone of your organization is your network - keeping you connected to staff, customers, suppliers and the world at large. To run a successful enterprise, you need a network that's reliable, rapid and ready to support the growth and change your business will experience. The supplier that can provide you with a network infrastructure that's up to those challenges is Signamax Connectivity Systems. Signamax's features two product lines: Network Solutions and Connectivity Solutions. 

Network Solutions

Signamax offers a complete end-to-end networking solution with commercial and industrial grade products, including media converters, ethernet switches, industrial ethernet and SFP interface modules. These solutions are used by a wide range of customers, including enterprise, government, education, retail, industrial, security and service providers. Signamax network solutions consistently produce results and meet or exceed the expectations of the application and the customer. 

Connectivity Solutions

Signamax has the advanced manufacturing capabilities, rigorous testing and stringent standards to ensure your connectivity solution can stand up to any challenges. Signamax connectivity solutions are designed to accommodate information systems with the flexibility, scalability and universality for all types of implementation that you require. Signamax offers Category 6A, Category 5e, fiber optics, work area outlets, patch panels, cross-connect systems and more. 


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